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"Reaper sees Virta as a vsti instead of a vst"

yep, that's the cause. In other words, on Windows it's very unlikely that the current VSTi version of Virta will work. On Mac (AU) it works of course.

Maybe this should be explained a bit how this works in Windows: there are VSTi's with audio input, but to use them as an insert, there must be an extra VST version. Only then it will work as an insert effect. That's why there are two dll's for such instruments.

But there's no hurry. For me at least.

I must admit today was the first time I started to read the Kaivo manual. The illustrations from David Chandler are terrific. And the text is so well written, which makes reading both a pleasure and a learning experience even if one 'knows' about physical modeling and granular sampling, and synthesis in general. Such quality manuals are rare.

While reading there was some Balinese Gamelan music playing on my computer, quite a perfect accompaniment. Starting Kaivo with the 'pan multi bells' patch, hitting or holding some notes from time to time was unsurprisingly a good match to the Gamelan music.

Since I have a faster computer Kaivo will serve me for a long time, and I only wanted to thank you and all others who have contributed in the making of this fantastic instrument.

ah, that's the explanation. One of those famous "it's not a bug, it's a feature" cases. Yes I think it would be good to have a checkbox in the settings to switch oscillator drift off, for those cases when you need precise pitches. Besides, Diva has an extensive set of trimmers, with detune, drift, variance, etc.


for me it would also be good, like others have mentioned, if the module could load customisable microtunings. But I understand if this may be too complicated for the first batch.

I understand.

There are iPad apps that cost much, but they are dedicated for professional applications. Mostly related to film industry.

Myself I'm happy with my Lemur interface to control Aalto on a computer. Although in future I might buy a more powerful iPad (currently the most powerful iPad I own is 4th generation). In this case a software like Aalto might run well on such an iDevice with enough CPU power.

I think this is something to think about in the future. Maybe in the near future, who knows.

I don't expect noticeable latency. I know some iPad apps of that kind. The only thing one has to remember is that there is only mono-touch, not multi-touch.

no problem. I look forward for both, Virta and OSC for Aalto.

[quote]with "OSC parameters directly" I meant the way to go in a future world where I have written that feature. Sorry to disappoint. The feature will be Aalto / Kaivo recognizing parameter changes over OSC directly. I plan to do this in the next version, I can see a lot of uses for it.[/quote]

That is still the case with Aalto 1.7, is that right?

yep, interesting info, thank you.

I would like to control Aalto parameters via OSC and Lemur/iPad. I think this is not possible now. But will it become possible?