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btw... i mentioned it would be useful to have an input into sustain level on the envelopes.
I think perhaps I should have said, one of the reason for this, is existing patches always end up very 'quiet', and have to be modified...
the reason for this seems to be they use x Vel on the envelopes, but there is no velocity from t3d (though of course Kaivo/aalto may be calculating one?)
or have I missed something?

so I thought perhaps route Z to sustain level (currently ive just been mapping to where ever the envelope goes - which is ok, as this means the user controls envelope with pressure)

but perhaps it might be nice to introduce dz (as velocity), and then have a velocity input on envelopes,
or perhaps even better just a multiplier input, could be nice with the LFO/Seq ... and even used between env 1 / 2 and you could remove the x Env1.. as this could be handled by the more generic solution.

anyway just ideas...

BTW, agent has been released, to hopefully a few will be playing with it this weekend :o)

I've added some more info on the g+ eigenharp community that may be of interest.