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Im just finalising a new 'agent' for EigenD which I think will be interesting to Soundplane owners, so thought Id post here :) (hope this is ok Randy)

EigenD is flexible and open performance environment with that can host instruments, and contains physical model instruments and things like step sequencers, recorders, etc etc.
from the beginning of June, it was made completely free (its also open source)

(yes, it was developed for the Eigenharp, but actually transcends, and is really device agnostic ... but as an Eigenharp player Im a great fan of EigenD)

my new agent (midi device) supports incoming multi channel midi at 14 bit bit res, and converts those into the native eigenD signal flows (supporting 3d touches, strips, pedals, breath etc) - a must for expressive controllers like the Soundplane.

heres a demo video :

you may also find the eigenD vst videos interesting, and I hope to add some more,
to introduce people to EigenD features.

anyway just a heads up, Id love to hear how someone gets on with a soundplane and EigenD in the future - I think a powerful combination.