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Hey Randy!

Hope everything is going well with your release plan!

Would you say it's relatively "safe" to start using Sumu pre-release 1.0.0b15 in projects? I mean, should they (projects/presets) sound the same with the release?

Yeah! Sumu is working now for me on Windows 10, Cubase 12 (that I'm phasing out) and Studio One 6.6.1.

Still a few details to polish, if I may be so bold:

1/ Default preset is silent/empty (partials file not found)/whatever. Slightly jarring that the synth is not producing any sound on load up. (A default/empty preset might very well be useful, I have no idea yet, just not loaded by default?)

2/ On a HiDPI screen, default size is teeny tiny.

3/ I very much like the new UI controls/animations. I wouldn't have however opted to disappear simple arrows for previous/next preset and other very established/well known UI conventions. Sumu is different more than enough in the ways that matter.

4/ I don't think the plugin sizer disappear, I think it's invisible black on black in some cases when resizing the window makes a black border all around the plugin become too thick.

5/ Last and not least: as most Madrona Labs plugins, what an hungry beast Sumu is! I hope one day you will find a way to optimize it further. (I suppose this will become moot if we wait long enough...)

6/ You will never hear the end of it if Vutu doesn't end integrated in some way. Just sayin'.

7/ +1 on adding Undo button/history: So important to feel free to experiment...

All this petty nagging first to end with the most important:

Even a few minutes in, I think this is the best synth in a long while, a very nice surprise after some pitifully disappointing wishful engineering coming from other developers I like too much to mention by name here.

The sounds that come from this thing! Weird they might be, but music to my ears. I don't think the videos I've seen so far do Sumu justice... I would embrace the weird in some new ones.

Thanks for your work!

Bearing with... Bearing with... Haha!

Re Vutu integration

I must admit that silly me totally overlooked the license aspects of the integration of Vutu.

I tried to get a better idea of what those limitations might be and found that Loris was distributed under GNU GPL v.2 or later.

It looks like what I suggested would be permitted: "If the two programs remain well separated, like the compiler and the kernel, or like an editor and a shell, then you can treat them as two separate programs—but you have to do it properly. [...] if they know that what they have received is a free program plus another program, side by side, their rights will be clear."

However, making sure of what is permitted can be difficult. So I hope you will still find a way of making a "loose" integration work...

CLAP support would be nice!

Re Vutu integration:

To keep all the advantages of the separate app, if desirable, the "integration" could even be as loose as:

When the user drop a sample on Sumu, Sumu invoke Vutu with either the file or a temp copy full path and name.

Sumu could also provide Vutu with appropriate parameters for Sumu like exports path, etc.

If Vutu location on the system isn't known, Sumu just ask for it and store it, and/or offer to download Vutu with a link to its appropriate (Mac/Win/...) installer.

I for one would very much appreciate even such a "minimalist" approach.

Hey there,

Sumu 1.0.0b13 crashes both Cubase 12 and Studio One on my Windows 10 machine, NVidia graphic card. (Can't play with my new synth at all!)

If I can be of any help resolving that, would be happy to. Can't wait for an update...

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Studio One Actions.log
[crash]C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\Sumu.vst3\Contents\x86_64-win\Sumu.vst3
[dump]C:\Users\Uuu\AppData\Roaming\PreSonus\Studio One_6_6_1_99821_Win x64_20240524_182929571.dmp

[action][18604:Win32 Thread]ApplicationStartup
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