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I'm on Windows so I can't try it yet. Is FLAC import supported? If not, would you consider adding it?

Latest newsletter brought me here. Always excited to receive news from you. Count me among the people that are eagerly anticipating Sumo. Very interesting description and I love the grey color scheme.

"learn" can only be for midi learn functionality, right? Please add that to Aalto and the others as well in the future :-)

I'm so happy there is gonna be a v2 of Aalto and equally as happy about the midi mapping!!! Really fantastic news. Also excited for what Sumo will be.

Always very happy to get an new Aalto version in my hands and ears - even without Midi Learn, but I'm optimistic ;-)

Though I didn't get an email notification for this update but found out about it on Synthopia. Nothing in my spam folder too.

I would like to suggest

1) Sequencer's Width getting a signal input.

2) Sequencer's Range getting a signal input.

3) Option to trigger the sequencer via Aftertouch (while Key Trig is off)...

3a) Different Aftertouch trigger modes:

  • Trigger and run normally

  • Trigger but stop when Aftertouch is no longer pressed

4) Option to flip the sequencer's steps horizontally (left/right)...

5) Envelope 2's Release getting a signal input.

6) An option to sync the LFO to host tempo.

7) LFO Noise getting a signal input.

8) Aalto getting the output limiter feature from Kaivo.

9) A simple LPF and HPF either in front of the Reverb for the audio that's going in, or for the wet Reverb signal itself.

The filters could be stepped and have fixed frequencies. This wouldn't limit their usefulness but would avoid the necessity of a number display.

Think something like 5 stepped positions, for example Off, 40, 100, 200, 400 Hz for the HPF and Off, 18, 12, 6 and 1 kHz for the LPF.

10) Adjustable pre-delay for the Reverb (like Envelope 2's delay). Maybe with signal input.

TL;DR – I've concocted a gui mock-up, brutally cramming in all of my suggestions: http://i60.tinypic.com/2up72ao.jpg

The dedicated trigger in Kaivo is great. I wasn't aware of it because I haven't spent very much time with the demo yet.

I like the panel idea for less important or one-time setup type parameters very much.

Great. If the CPU increase only occurs while a signal is actually connected, I don't think anybody would mind more CPU usage. One can always pull the plug if necessary :-)

Hello Randy, it would be great if the LPG's Decay would get a dedicated modulation input.

On a related note:
I think maybe it would be a good idea if you consolidated all feature requests for Aalto and Kaivo in a single thread each.

It would get rid of a bunch of (redundant?) threads and make the forum tidier and it would make keeping up with the requests for you and the users much easier.

Some DAWs (I know Reaper does) have the option to auto-mute the output at a chosen level which can be helpful for situations like this.

And besides a limiter or clipper, the free Ice9 Automute plugin is another option: http://www.cerberusaudio.com/Software/Products/Ice9/

"Aalto does not have internal MIDI learn."

...Yet. That's what you meant to say, right? ;-)

Re: Midi Learn Aalto/Kaivo

Cool, thanks for taking the time to reply. That's good news!

I've just discovered that you already mention the plan of adding "basic MIDI controller functionality" in the Aalto manual's FAQ section. I really hope it's going to be complete Midi Learn for every knob, slider and button in Aalto in the end.

From what I've experienced, Midi Learn seems to be handled in two different ways:

Some plugins store the Midi Learn settings only with the current session, so if you start a new session, you'll have to reassign all the controls. While it's better than nothing, I don't think that is perfect.

Other plugins save the Midi Learn settings globally, so that whenever you open an instance of the plugin in a new session, your standard controller layout is ready to go. To me that is the perfect solution.

A nice bonus feature would be the ability to load/save different Midi Mappings in the plugin on the fly.

Hello Randy, is it possible for you to implement Midi Learn?

I'm currently in Cubase 6.5 as my main DAW and it doesn't feature great and easy Midi Learn capabilities like for example Live does.
In short, in Cubase I'm practically confined to a lousy 8 controls :-(

Having Aalto-native Midi Learn would make my life so much easier and my time with Aalto especially in Cubase so much more enjoyable than it already is.

Apart from the Cubase issue, I generally prefer when plugins have their own Midi Learn functionality.

Please let me know your thoughts on that issue and what bribes it would need to make you consider adding Midi learn ;-)

PS. Of course I'm also interested if Kaivo will have Midi Learn.