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I'm wondering if this is just as my system as I'm surprised to see it hasn't been reported yet. Perhaps because there are fewer 32 bit holdouts than I think.

Windows 10, tried in Ableton Live (latest version) and Reaper (latest version).

The peak output of the audio analysis module doesn't seem to be doing anything. Dead easy to reproduce. Open a blank project, insert Virta 1.3.1, feed it some audio, and there it is.

Rolled back to Virta 1.01 and everything is working normally.

Hotfix solves the demo thing for me Randy. Many thanks!

Phil: I also found that running the installer over the original version didn't update to 1.01 and left the original dll in place. I think I just deleted the .dll from my synths folder before installing and that did the trick. I did a 'proper' uninstall after that, but I think that was to double check the demo mode thing IIRC. Did the trick for me, but sorry to hear you're still having trouble. (edit: and indeed pleased it's solved!)

Same boat as Vulcandroid here - running as demo version with my name displayed.

Audio outputs are working fine now though! Brilliant to finally be playing with this after months of anticipation.

Many thanks for the quick response Randy.

That sounds like the one! I'd noticed that switching presets yields a (thankfully controlled) explosion of sound, and I recall one of the 'stuck' audio outputs 'pegging' the modulation target to its max possible value when I tried assigning it.

I've had tremendous fun playing Virta as a straight(ish) vocoder in the meantime and look forward to getting a fuller taste in the days to come.


Teezdalien: I'm getting the same issue in Live (and indeed in a brief check with the Reaper demo).

Audio is coming through the 'pre' output just fine, but none of the other audio module outputs are doing anything. I'm able to patch the 'pre' output around as you'd expect, and I've got no trouble getting MIDI in there to patch around, so pretty sure the routing is all set up correctly. At a loss as to why I'm getting no output from any Audio outlet other than 'pre' (even 'comp' doesn't work!). FWIW the lights on the 'pitch' and 'peak' outlets are stuck on while the others are stuck dimmed.

edit: I get constant dry signal in Reaper too incidentally - missed that. I'm not familiar with Reaper at all though so I just assumed I was doing some aspect of the routing incorrectly. Other than the dry signal being a constant presence, I have exactly the same issues in Live with the audio analysis module.

Insta-bought. Warmest congratulations on the release!

I was just wondering if thetechnobear's note that Virta will be released imminently is correct? I've been compulsively refreshing the site for days! :)

Is a release date set, or are we still in 'when it's done' territory?

Good luck with the launch!