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Aalto solo was published in beat magazine issue 1/2013 and is included also in 02/2013.
As you know there is a bug for win users when switching presets.
Is it fixed with issue 2/2013?
Or is there any way to get a working aalto solo?
Thanks for your response in advance

Great, thanks for taking care on this limited release.
I'm just wondering how this version will be distributed?

I was waiting a long time for the windows version.
There was an introduction price for mac users, but there wasn't any for windows users.
I'm still hoping that that you will offer the same advantages for win users as offered to the maccies, so here is my question: when?
Thanks for you reply

Sorry, my faulty brain.
I found the newsletter where you mentioned discount on the forthcoming Soundplane instrument.

I'm waiting for soooo long.
Please stop my waiting ...

tik tok tik tok .. 5 to 12, isn't it?