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Problem with a google search by site is that it turns up isolated posts and then I can't get back to the thread.

Is there something obvious I'm missing?

I'm trying to assign midi CCs to the ratio and having difficulties dialling in the whole number ratios.

The range from 0-127 goes from 0-16 but the divisions don't line up with any of the other ratios (0.25, 0.5, 1, 2, 3 etc.). For example when the macro control in Live is showing a value of 63 the ratio is 7.937 and when I increase it to 64 the ratio is 8.063.

If I use the Push 2 controller I can get it to stop on the whole numbers as it seems to pass additional values in between the CC values of 0-127. However I really want to control Aalto from the Midi Fighter so that I always have the 16 encoders for Aalto available to me no matter what Push is focused on.

Is there any way to have the CC either snap to the whole numbers or scale somehow so they are able to be dialled in?

While looking for solutions I read about the option of using the mod controls in Aalto but can't seem to make these work as I'd expect either.

For example I created a midi clip in Live that ramps a CC value (45) from 0-127, set Aalto's mod cc# to 45, patched the mod out to ratio in, turned the ratio signal input to max and played the clip. The ratio then ramps from 0 to about 4.000. Not at all what I expected.

Quite confused now. Hope you can enlighten me Randy!


Might have to look for a Max For Live solution then so that 0-127 gives me discreet steps at the appropriate values for integer ratios.

Hi Randy,

I've probably confused things by talking about two separate but related things.

I like how the ratios are whole numbers when using the mouse - in general I find that more musical, which is usually what I want. I might see if I can get Max For Live to do something for me.

I'll check out 'harmonic wind' too and see if that sparks any ideas.

With the mod control I guess I expected the ratio to go from min to max as the CC assigned to it went from 0-127. Why does it stop at 4.000 when the CC value is 127?

Thanks Randy.

Don't know what I was doing the other week but it seems to be working now. Go figure!

Been a while since I've used Kaivo so not sure if this is new since upgrading to Windows 10 or not.

Nothing in AppData\Roaming\Madrona Labs\Kaivo apart from the empty Samples folder.

On attempted re-install I turned off antivirus and ran the installer as administrator. No joy.

Am only installing the 64bit version but I'm sure that's what I've done previously too.


Thanks Randy, the installer worked this time.

To be honest I can't remember if I actually ran the separate installer last time or whether I was expecting the samples & patches to be installed with the app.

Pays to read the dev's notes, right? ;-)

Thanks for your patience (... and the amazing software). Now, how does this thing work again!

Hi Randy. I only have the one account set up and it has admin rights.

When I said I ran the installer as administrator that was me just trying something different to see if I could get it to work (right-click, run as administrator).

All the Aalto presets installed to AppData\Roaming\Madrona Labs\ without problems.

I just tried the installer again and included the 32-bit version as well. Still no joy.

woo hoo ... can't wait to try it out!

Thanks so much Randy. The sale coincided with my Christmas bonus and the purchase of my new PC (the old MacBook really struggled with the Kaivo demo). This is gonna be so cool!

Amazing ... can't wait

Noooooooooooo .......

New previews, but SoundCloud is blocked at work!

Ahhhrgh, it's gonna be a long day ...

Thanks for the update Randy. Sometimes the worst thing is the anticipation, at least now we know we have to wait a little longer. And I'm fine with that ... you do what needs to be done!

Enjoy Christmas ... best wishes to you and yours!

Hi Randy,

Is there any way to control the patching in Aalto via midi or OSC? I notice a couple of people have made iPad controllers for Aalto which is very cool but being able to physically change the patching too would be fantastic!



Hey Will,

Is your Lemur template still available? The DropBox link gives me an error.

By the way, you don't happen to have a video demo of the template in action do you? I haven't bought Lemur yet and with cash tight at the moment and Kaivo just around the corner I'm trying not to spend money on things unless I know they're going to be really useful.


Hi wednesdayayay,

Thanks for the reply. I thought it was probably too much to ask, but it would be fantastic if the whole of the Aalto interface could be tweaked from a touch interface.

By the way, is your TouchOSC template available for others to play with?


very exciting ... looking forward to the preview video Randy!