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Hello, everybody!

After installing the update (1.4b6) the first thing I saw was that Aalto uses even more CPU than before. In Studio One 2.6 on
Win XP SP3 the 4 voices need 49% of my C2D E6750 @2.66 Ghz. Version 1.3.2 was happy with 'only' 35%. I tried it in Live 9.0.5 too, because somehow the 1.3.2 needed a little less CPU in Live than in Studio One, but 1.4 was 49% here as well. One voice used 9% in 1.3.2; for 1.4 it's 15% now.

Anyone experienced this CPU increase?

I'm pretty curious, what processors do people here use and what is the load for Aalto? I'm thinking of an upgrade for my 6 years old machine...

Randy, I hope you're not trying to have the biggest CPU hog on the market with Aalto!


Version 1.5 brings the CPU usage back to 35% on my Win7 system using all 4 voices. I'm back in business. Great work, Randy!

Great news! Will try the new version asap. Thanx!

I finally made the jump from WinXP to Win7 (x32). I was very curious to see how Aalto 1.4 behaves on this new (for me) OS.
Installed and uninstalled it 3 times (with Administrator rights) but it doesn't show in Live 9.1 or Studio One 2.6.1. The .dll is installed and placed alongside my other VSTs. I enabled rescanning of plugins in DAWs. No luck.
What else shall I do? Maybe it needs some additional software to be installed?


No more XP for me. Now it's Win7 Home SP1 x32 on the same hardware. Aalto CPU usage is 65% now with all 4 voices. Ouch!

That solved it for me. Thanx, Randy!

Would be very very sweet if you fix the CPU issues. I cross my fingers.

I never received any news mail from Madrona. Went to 'My Account'; the newsletter was checked. I unchecked, then checked it again and then saved the changes. Hope it works now.

That email notify is a must.


...and bring that new one faster!!!

Yes!!! I love the Aalto reverb! I was very jealous on the Mac users for their free Madrona reverb...

Tried disabling 'Num' and 'Anim'. No change.
Just to be clear, the CPU usage in my first post is the one reported by the DAWs. Windows Task Manager shows 33%.

Thanx for sharing your i7 and i5 consumption.

I'll go off topic now:
Is there a Madrona Labs newsletter? I would love to know when new things happen. Also your forum doesn't send notifications
to my mail when new posts are made in the topics I participate.

Have a nice day!