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Great news,
Are you planning to release a "maintenance" update or should we wait for the 1.6 version?

Hi all,

32bit VST version of Aalto 1.5 does have the drawing problem in osx 10.10 (using it in Ableton Live 9.1.5 32bit).
It loads fine, works fine but it is impossible to close the GUI window, it leaves a blank white screen that sticks and won't dissapear unless you hit Alt+Tab to switch to another app or finder...
This is annoying!

According to other forums/Ableton statement, this problem is caused by the use of an outdated JUCE Framework...

Dev's will have to update the JUCE library of their plugins to make it work fine in 10.10.
Togu Audio Line already done it and he's plugs works fine now...


Yeah great! Tanks Randy for those quick fixes

Hello Rydan,

for fine tuning of everything, it's not alt+key but shift+key... try it.

For LFO sync, as well as for sequencer clock divide ratio when syncing to host tempo, Randy said it will be implemented in a future update...

I buy it right now!
think it's worth the price anyway!!!

Thank you so much Randy!!!

so great!!!i'll make a report this week end!

Just send an email!
really looking forward to test this out!

Well that's great news!!!
can't wait to beta test this out!!!

Great! can't wait!!!

So... any news? can we expect it soon?
best regards

Hi there Randy,

Didn't read the musicradar review yet...
And thanks for the information about the next release...
I'm a windows user and have been waiting for Aalto to come out VST since last september...
I would love to do somme beta testing for Madrona...
I'll keep in touch
Thanks Vinz

Looking forward to this!

Hi there!
First of all i wish you a very happy new year!
Just wanted to ask if you could just tell us more about the developpment of the Windows version of Aalto?
When can we reasonably expect it to be delivered? a few months? later?
I just want to know more because i keep my money for it at the moment...
Thanks by advance