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Thanks to both of you for such a very quick response. First let me clarify the following for Randy. Yes I have always had a complaint about not having a standalone synth app. It was especially bad for me initially when the doc merely said it assumes I am familiar with how to use my favorite DAW, something to that effect--and no, I was not.

However, my current problem is that Logic Express does not see the Kaivo files at all. I have Logic Express 8.0. Trying to point its file browser to the Kaivo files, they are dimmed in the list. It has no problems with the Aalto (aupreset) files. So in Logic Express I can use Aalto but not Kaivo, or that is how it appears. (Maybe I need to upgrade Logic, but that is something I have no intention of spending any money on.)

Yes, I think AU Lab is the one I tried and could make no sense of at all. I will look at it again based on what you've said above, and report back later.

Thanks again.

Okay, I've been trying to get Kaivo to do anything at all on my Mac. Several months ago I just gave up. Today I approached it again and persisted for an hour plus, and talked to a friend. It seems Logic Express will not do anything with VST presets and apparently you are saying there are no aupreset files anymore. Logic Express is what I own. I bought it for another purpose entirely and have basically never used it. It is a really heavy piece of junk but that may be true of DAWs in general, which I know almost nothing about and have not found approachable/usable.

I wanted something lighter-weight anyway. All I really want is a softsynth (e.g. an application), not a monster I am required to tame in order to do the simplest thing.

I had heard Apple provided a free plugin platform, can't remember the name, but I was never able to make the slightest head or tail of how to use it, not the vaguest idea, whereas I was at least able to get Logic Express to work with Aalto after a couple hours of banging my head.

There is also Max which I own but have always hated as a development environment, and it is extremely heavyweight also, maybe even worse than Logic? Anyway if that is my only choice I will use it but I think Max has crashed my Mac sometimes just loading the help files.

I'd appreciate a suggestion for a simple softsynth platform that will let me use Kaivo as a standalone synth with Soundplane which is all I have ever needed. Apparently now this needs to be a VST platform. But I don't need mixing, don't need tracks, ideally don't need "projects", just basic channel mapping. Ideally channel mapping would be global and I'd be able to save settings as documents in some non-arcane fashion.

I wonder how many people will just not find the Soundplane approachable because they are not seasoned users of DAWs. It seems to me you are kicking some people out. That is certainly how it makes me feel initially. Even though I am technical my spare time to slog through technology that I have no other use for is something I have to limit.