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Hi, I've assembled the DIY soundplane with all the material you suggested in the paper and respected I think every aspect, measures and layers etc...The apparatus picks up signal very well on all the strips except when I put the dielectric, the red orange silicone foam rubber in between the carriers and the pick up grid. It seems to kill the signal completely. The fireface output is set to HiGain. What should I consider trying or what is it that I might have forgotten. Thanks.

Hi, I've started building the instrument and I was looking for what you call the silicone foam rubber...The only thing I could find was a gasket rubber sheet 1/16" thick and I was wondering if that will do ? From what I understand, it has to be conductive in a way, or with the possibility to be polarized, so rubber won't do it, am I correct ? Thanks.

Somebody already asked about the ADA8000 but my concern here is could I rig the passive device in it and then link it to my Apogee through optical in order to monitor myself ?
Secondly, I know that the outputs are XLR connections, so then could I use this type of cables with only the + attached to the plates ?

That seems great, Thank you.

So you need a second audio interface to get the main out of the maxPatch since all of the 8 output channels are taken by the passive device if I understand correctly ( I have an Apogee Ensemble ).

Hi, I want to make a soundplane and need a bit more details…I have no notions in electricity and I was wondering what type of wires you use to connect the copper tape strips and is there anything specific about the welding and resistances I should know about.
What type of wires and jacks jacks to connect to the sound card ?
Do you have a step by step photo document of the conception of the interface ?

Do you have a picture or a way of doing this ?

bump, spacer:
anything nonconductive and shapeable, I used cheap soft 1/8 plywood

Am I asking too many details I don't know but I really want to do this thing. Thanks.