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In creating a Soundplane template for use with my drum machine, I couldn't find a way to declare a note zone as anything other than a note row, which seems to increment the midi note played as one moves up the x axis. What I want is to be able to declare that zone as belonging to a certain note and have everywhere in the zone play that same note when hit. This is useful for drum machines as they generally are programmed midiwise with single notes representing different percussion sounds. I was able to get what I wanted by making a JSON template with 150 individual note rows, but surely there's a better way? Does something like this already exist?

Hey Randy,

I didn't see your reply for a while either...
Your idea of a one note scale should work perfectly.
Are the note patterns going to be user-creatable or will we pick from a list of scales? It would be cool to be able to assign different mathematical relationships to the pitches for microtonal work or alternate tunings.