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Sounds like the one i already posted at the end of august !
(longish post in here (search trumpet) http://madronalabs.com/users/2702 )

i had made a few versions of that patch & distilled the issue down, so it was repeatable with very little connected/enabled .. i only looked at those patches on release of beta3, but i see the clicking is still there but far worse when i try the source patch, like a thumping random geiger-counter : (

Pitch to 1.0 solved it temporarily too !

Some progress, not 100% yet for my installation ..

Firstly, the Vanishing VST (wrt the 1.02 version was recoverable within Live by not merely using the rescan, but it seems to require my deselecting/reselecting the vst folder en-masse)

So I was able to get back to where i was in L9 and M7 w Mavericks

The b2 beta does not offer an AU that Max is happy to load 'no valid au format exists' (or similar) - yet it does load up in Live

I tried an auval -a (if that was even helpful) ?

So is this something that can be ironed out locally here or is it more fundamental (anything i can try to get the AU in Max) ?

Didn't work out for me

Going to retry the whole process

The VST doesn't show and the AU doesn't load

Max & Live on Mavericks

If i reinstall the normal package (which takes 3 times as much space btw) it only reinstates the AU which works, but the VST is no longer showing (although is present)

Can you detail recovery commands to ensure the older versions are visible, or an alternative means to try the installer - may wait for a newer version tbh - but vst recovery would be helpful


sorry hadn't seen that, I better join the Facebook group !

The patch you see is the same for each voice, but each voice can have a different depth or setting for many of the parameters (just not different wiring) each voice can sound quite different even though they all share the same architecture
To get to hear each voice version you can keep tapping on the MIDI key input and it will likely rotate through the voices - where you have random mod sources this will be reflected every time, but if you have a parameter solely modulated by the vox param then you will hear the distinction in the voice every time
An easy example .. take pan and an otherwise simple vanilla patch, hard pan the patch left, modulate with vox, increase the mod depth until the fingers spread out to touch the far right pan position - this now means voice 1 is hard left, 2 is near centre left 3 centre right and 4 hard right

every time you rotate through those voices or play a chord this is the way to check which voice you hear - even simpler if you modulate pitch with vox

it is therefore possible to play all four voices without midi by patching vox direct to pitch and pan or whatever and just have the voice amp open - no need to trig or use midi - all 4 voices will be very evident, including any other vox or other varying params you may use as sources

hth ... Sep 1 was the offer date on that flyer fyi

Apologies for shameless feature requesting

A seemingly simple augmentation of the existing LFO config might allow this (and other potential of course) without too much extra work

Firstly - if there was a new LFO 'shape' which was basically a fixed-level random offset between 0 and 1 every restart and the LFO Module had a Trig/Reset Inlet (if this is viable) - then with a super-slow-static LFO, every note/gate would produce a new Static Offset to send somewhere - if this shape was run fast it'd just give the comfy-old-slippers random s/h profile - i know from discussion with Randy the LFO may not currently adapt to this as easily as it can be envisioned by an armchair developer, but no harm sharing the idea

Just a thought for the future .. i so miss the others' miniseq for such tasks : )

just a bump that the fixed manual is not the one on the streets - i also noticed that the stored presets folder is incorrect in the pdf today

I think if it was possible for the input to discern when a non midi input is arriving it'd be worth considering automatically 'bypassing' the 'x vel' toggle for this very reason

As discussed a bit with Randy offline, i'd just like to add that it is plaguing me - but to add a bit of a workaround - i find that if i go from passthrough to one of my own very benign patches and work through my own presets or adapt one i get a lot of mileage out of playing - the minute i load some of the factory presets i get huge clicks and most often dead audio out

one particular patch was consistently freezing my vst in Max - 'fuzz fifths trumpet'
so i took an opportunity to look a bit more into it and i could see there was some clicking occurring only on the vst in max, au and vst elsewhere were better

i boiled it down to the following - in a patch with no cabling and carrier thru set - if i have a wet output high from formants going into a lopass with 0 level with a delay input of 1 and the delay wet only at 1 - any time i move the pitch knob above 1 it would click these big dc offset spikes

if i unchecked lopass, reduced the aforementioned levels it would go away (as would setting to pitch 1.0 - but as soon as pitch 1.0 was increased all hell would break loose

i could reproduce this from the passthrough patch in Max with the VST

Formants 100% wet (only) >
Lopass Level 0
Delay Input 1.0 >
Pitch 1.0 >
Delay wet (only) 100% >
Output Delay in 1.0

Whilst this may not be repeatable in other hosts, it may give a clue to underlying areas which are marginal and could be contributing to these crashes - like i said - for me - the biggest single cause was loading up factory presets (some of which are clearly not quite up to date, some show no oscillator name, along with the odd few showing delay time of 20ms) it's almost like those presets are being stored for an older version than the present and the new UI is not adapting

far too many of the presets start with a huge audio spike, it's quite unsettling, even if the audio continues to work, it's not relaxing - i also think this may point to underlying happenings at the time presets are started

PS anyone know how to start from something other than passthrough as a launch default
because i'm re-starting so frequently - i really want the assurance that audio is on by having it start with a gentle steady sin tone for now, even naming that patch 'a' doesn't allow it to jump the queue

i think your answer would've worked for Kaivo - but doesn't address it for Virta

That's fair enough Randy, i will(have) make my own seq preset programmer in Max as this allows me to get specific arrangements quickly and to perform modifications or morphs etc. I have never heard of Numerology, will investigate out of curiosity. I like performing aalto or kaivo or crafting self-performing patches normally, i guess sequencing the sound in those is my preferred workspace. Obviously adding all the controller magic is so much easier with max and if i were using aalto/kaivo live i'd be using a headless setup perhaps with Max6 and MIRA

i should add that cmd+ and cmd- do work, so this is a slow burner request for mouse browsing

i have a mac mini in my lounge, to provide it a monitor ! - however, the forum is set up for screen sizes of yesteryear, ordinarily that's easy to work around by double clicking in the z=area you want to resize to (just like on iOS) - the problem is that whenever i do this with this site, the css gets screwed and i get solid brown backgrounds/text and generally very weird formatting, unusable, so as it stands the readable width occupies a quarter of the screen width (full hd) - i ain't no eagle if you catch my drift, anything that can be done to improve zoomed layout in slow time would be appreciated here ; )

to pick up on the preset sequencer idea, i too have suggested this would be a good workflow boost, for me though, it would be handy to have it available to all patches, so some means to store a sequencer setup and recall from 32(at least) say would be great, mainly for aalto for me - alternatively it would be very useful if you could import just the sequencer part of the preset you browsed for, so you could store sequencer presets in vanilla normal patches and just select the one you want to steal its sequencer setup from

that intuitively sounds like it might be easier, albeit at the expense of designing a 'load sequencer from' menu command : ) - i'm guessing it would also be something that a scripting whizz could do with two presets in the finder (i.e. to cut the sequencer data from one and paste into another, assuming there's nothing else in the patch file a bit like a checksum e.g.

fwiw - my au issues with Max were seemingly resolved by trashing the old presets folder, although this may have been coincidence, either way, prior to that it was not playing ball, ps specifically a Max7 issue, which seems to have a few issues hosting plugins all of its own anyway

a few comments passed to Randy for the benefit of others, there's a tricky to describe 'briefly' issue where the sequencer indication and sound engine are at odds, both together are a bit wrong, so don't be too reliant on that side for 'specifics' it's not manifested in every usage case so ymmv, but it's buggy (same for 1.4 and 1.5 btw)

secondly the sequencer (at default window size) if set to quantise will not allow you to 'mouse' in the highest value (it'll be a semitone short) - you can resolve by mouse scrolling the slider or working on a stretched UI, just for the record (Max/OSX)

the vst doesn't scale properly in Max7, ok in Max6 and Live and AU is fine, an issue for the minority perhaps


Don't want to rain on your compatibility parade, but the vst version still does not play ball within Max/MSP - previously it would crash Max, these days it reports the following error from the vst~ object 'midievent: effect doesn't want events' - i use the au version, but it'd be nice if both played nicely !

[edit] For the record, this isn't quite the case - there are actually issues with the au version and the vst can be run more 'completely' - I'll PM my observations - The vst issue was with a legacy Max host incompatibility (every other au/vst played nice). The au problem is much clearer and concerns failing to respond to midi cc etc (again, every other au/vst plays nice)

yay, all the labels are back ! (although part of my name still gets chopped off ! -
Randy - please pad this with a space to the right or drop the italics) - okay, back to the fun

PS: fwiw, i note that the 1.4.0 Label issue is reported as a fix for retina display macs, but I was troubled by it on an older white imac !