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I just bought Virta and I´m (again) very happy with it´s functionality, sound and the general idea behind it.
The three madrona Labs Soundengines are the only soft-synths I go to when working in the box- otherwise it´s all hardware for me.

Now, coming from the modular hardware world, I´m so pleased with Virtas Audiotrackingmodule, I´d love to be able to connect Kaivo or Aalto to it.
That brought me to an idea for a little interconnection box between an instance of Virta and Kaivo/Aalto, that pops up on the leftmost side of the patching window and passes through Controldata (and Audiosignals?) from the other instance) and vice-versa.

That´s just a naive idea without actually caring about the problems (polyphonie, CPU-Power, Multi-Instances, etc.)

Just throwing it out there, what do you think?

Der Tonvater

Hi Randy,

I just love Virta but it´s very buggy on my machine (12core Mac Pro,20GB Ram, OS X 10.9.5, Ableton LIVE 9.5).

  • On switching presets, it can happen that audio in the PlugIn is not passed through to the output; the Waveform Display freezes up, while the visual display of Modulations is still going on. I have to kill and restart the PlugIn after that happens.
  • Sometimes when I command-click a value to set it back to default (for example pitch in the delay), it displays the default state but the value is still the one before the click. I observed this behaviour on pitch, DelayIn, Pan and AuxIn-Pan

Sincerely, der Tonvater

Hi Randy,

I just upgraded to Aalto 1.5 and no matter what I do, I can´t get it to show my presets I did over the years.

Could you help me?

Sincerely, TonvaterJan

Hi Randy,

I seem to be missing one thing in the Granulator section of Kaivo:

Is there a way of simply playing back an audiofile?

If I set Overlap to 0.125 and the rate to 1.000, I only get a small fragment of Audio with a fast decaying envelope.

Somehow I´m missing a "readout length" parameter.

The granulators I´m usually working with, define readout rate via the length of the loop it creates- from the whole file to a tiny fragment.

Somehow, Kaivo is missing this functionality, or am I mistaken here?

Or is this a desired behaviour (which would rob it of a lot of musical potential, in my opinion)?

Right now, I can´t playback a drumloop without glitches and timing problems...

Sincerely, TonvaterJan

Thank you.

That clarified it for me.

Sincerely, TonvaterJan

Hi Randy,

I simply love Kaivo!
For my daily work, it somehow makes NI Reaktor superfluous, because Kaivos workflow is much more intuitive.

I do miss one thing, though:

External Input of Audio.
The Resonator and Body-Models are so good, I would love to have the opportunity, to blend between Granulated Waveforms and an Audiostream.
I guess it´s not an easy thing to do, but from a users point of view, it would be great to have a little checkbox, which switches one of the 4 audiotracks to LIVE Input, and just sends incoming Audio (without any Granulation, of course) to the output of the module, so one could blend via the "Y"-Parameter between the sources...

As I said, not an easy thing to do, I guess, but would be great to have...

Sincerely, TonvaterJan


I tried to get Kaivo to Import a 4 Channel Wav File with 16/44.1, but the only thing that´s showing up are the first two channels.
How does it accept more than two channels of audio?

Sincerely Tonvater Jan

Ok, I found out what was wrong.
One has to set the Project Settings in Logic to Quadrophonic, otherwise you come out with the wrong channel number. It´s not enough to disable channels in a 5.1 setup. Typical Logic complexity.

Now it works, thank you.