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Maybe I'm missing somethign very obvious but I can't see a way to adjust the master tuning... Would be great if this was possible as not everything can or wants to tunes to A 440...

Keeps happening - load an instance of Aalto, works for a while then suddenly the audio meters on the Aalto channel go into red and the audio completely cuts out. Sometimes all the audio from Logic, sometimes just the Aalto channel... Have to re launch Logic to fix it. Latest versions of Mac OS, Logic & Aalto. Though this also was happening in the last version of Aalto before I got the update....


Just updated to the latest version of Aalto and sadly still getting this problem with audio from Logic stopping (with a click/pop as some others have experienced). If I alt click Aalto to bypass it audio comes back, then un bypass it and it might be ok, other times not. Just to clarify - it cuts ALL the audio from Logic not just the Aalto audio.

New Mac Pro 8 core, Logic 9.1.3, 18gig RAM, 10.6.7


Great to hear, really looking forward to host sync..!

Thanks, really impressed by Aalto. Amazing sound.

It is a huge cpu hog though, it's taking up nearly 40% on a brand new i7 mbp. I read that you're working on this for the next update so I'm I'm heading over to Paypal!