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As much as I like the idea of CV output from the soundplane, the fact of the matter is that the control data is derived from DSP operations- meaning that a standalone CV implementation for the soundplane doesn't really make sense fiscally. Given that this is the case, the best way forward for soundplane-generated CV is most likely Expert Sleepers' Silent Way plugin suite- these plugins generate CV to be sent out through an audio interface, generated from MIDI, OSC, and DAW automation/envelopes- making it a rather elegant way of interfacing CV hardware, a DAW, and the soundplane.

So I guess, to summarize, please approach Expert Sleepers about this. I also just have to take this moment to extemporize about how annoying it is that so much of the audio world is limiting itself to MIDI- the Soundplane is the perfect example of how insufficient MIDI is, given what is possible with current technology. as a VJ, I am spoiled in this area- almost all of the big software video mixing programs support OSC- and it is really disappointing that the same is not true of the audio world. On the other hand, mapping a soundplane to mix video will be glorious- I can't wait!