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I have now made the QuadMPE to CV for VCV. I'd say it has flourished as a nice opensource project but they could use someone with expertise in making it lightweight on the GPU and optimize the audio engine. Right now GPU and CPU usage is a big issue.

Should I use this instead of 1.3.2 ?

Looking forward to it Randy.

If I run several voices in Ableton live and reaper, I get glitches. Looks like Kaivo is not using more than one core? Definitely not using a lot of CPU but I'm getting glitches if I go past 3 or 4 voices.

If I set to 8, playing one note is enough to get glitches on some patches. On default patch, playing for a bit or up to 8 notes, I get glitches.

Thanks Randy, that would be nice. But please don't spend time on this instead of Kaivo.. we can get creative and address some shortcomings ;-)

Are you trying to run 8 voices? I've been wanting to use a round Robin max midi dispatcher to get more voices...