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@randy: Forgot to respond. Yes, that was the problem. I should RTFM, but I didn't pay much attention since I was upgrading from 1.0.

It would be helpful in the future if the samples/patches download were included in "My Downloads" page or even in the zip download for the Kaivo instrument. Not a big deal, I'm sure you have more important things to do.

All seems well with Kaivo 1.1 now. Nice update. Cheers!

When I load the "simple spring" preset (under Kaivo Percussion) the resonator says "undefined" and I hear a droning noise that plays even with no key pressed. It's ok if I change the resonator to one of the springs, but this seems to be a bug in Kaivo 1.1.

I'm on OS X 10.8.5, Ableton Live 9.1.2, AU version of the plugin.

You might want to add a link to Kaivo over here:

It would be very convenient to have next/previous buttons (just like around the preset dropdown) around the resonator and body dropdown options for Kaivo.

Once I've made a nice preset, I often like to explore different variations with resonators and bodies, but navigating through the nested dropdown interface gets really tedious after you've done it a hundred+ times.

But don't stop there, adding next/previous controls to all the dropdowns in Kaivo would be very appreciated.

If you are using Ableton Live 9, try this:

  • Create a new set

  • Add Ableton's built-in limiter (under audio effects) to the master track

  • Go to Preferences => File/Folder

  • Save current set as default

Now the limiter will be in each new set you create, so you never have to worry about destroying your speakers or ear drums (provided you don't put something after the limiter or turn up the audio ridiculously loud externally from Live).

I'd love to see more resonators and bodies in a future update.

I think you should always have a limiter at the end of your signal chain in your DAW.

It would of course be nice if Kaivo had internal protection for this, but it's not the only plugin to have issues like this, so better to be safe and use a limiter before your final master output.