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53 self-running aalto patches to download for free.
tracks are snippets, every patch is one instance of aalto.
patches are in the lyrics : copy and paste to aalto.

except for the outro (i turn some knobs here and there), there’s no external input to aalto.
many years ago a member of the madronalab forum offers aalto patches to dl from bandcamp using the lyrics trick. does someone know his name ? i’d like to give credit.

53 aalto patches

i hope you’ll have fun playing with them and i hope you can find something usefull to do with these patches. if you record something you like, or if you find a useful patch, or …, please share your findings here, as i’m very curious to hear what could happen with this material.

re 53 self-running patches : a little bit of context if you will.
for the last 3 or 4 years i’ve only been playing with the party van. i’ve started to play with different kind of sound sources. then i’ve discovered aalto through the monome forum. the great sound and the ability to make self-running patches was very appealing because i could get some kind of random sound material to mangle. my goal was to play live with emergent sounds with random enveloppe, pitch, timber, volume etc.
so this aalto output goes to the party van input. from there, i improvise.
later (mid-2014 ? early 2015 ?) i added teletype and meadowphysics into the loop. the output of tt goes to aalto’s pitch and aalto’s cc. it allowed me to get more randomness, heavy shifts, dramatic changes to the sound material i'm working with.

i wish you all the best for the new year to come.

excellent ! thanks !

sure ! i plane to start publishing my work early next year. everything i've been working on and recording these last years involved aalto and more recently virta. so yes i'll let you know !