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And what will it be when it goes off sale?

I'm a little tight on money right now, but I'd really like to take advantage.

Ah very good! Thanks Randy

How would one create a custom tuning in Aalto, similar to the various microtonal presets available under the 'key' section?

I'm going to experiment with sending in various pitchbend values through Max For Live, but I'd like to know if there is a way we can create our own tunings using midi-cents.


Interesting; looks like a similar question was asked just a few posts down.

Randy, do you know where the tunings files are for Mac?

So excited! They look gorgeous. Love the hints of purple in the grain.

Just curious as to what type of case/bag you have experimented with and recommend for the soundplane?

I'm looking at some hardcases by Pelican for rifles (with extractable foam), but I don't want it to be overkill, yea?



Awesome; thanks for the reply.

What a cool sign; is the top half a cross-section of each large tree after the road ends?

Or they're potholes?

Just wondering if anyone would mind uploading some soundplane christmas videos to get me through till I get mine in January!

Merry Christmas


Wonderful, can't wait for January.

Awesome. Did you use Kyma for the string-modeling sound?

Round 2 cannot come soon enough.