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@rsdio: I have no idea, I am unfortunately not a programmer. All I know is that the SoftStep controller from Keith McMillen is officially run and programmed via MAX/MSP only, as the live data it sends is not readable without translation.

In the meantime though someone has written a 'driver' in java. The SoftStep also requires no proprietary driver per se in Windows or OSX, it requires a program to translate the raw data from the sesors into something useful (there's a USB-midi mode as well, but that's not what I'm talking about here).

I sense there may be significant technical parallels to the Soundplane on an interfacing level and was hoping they went deeper.

/me sobs uncontrollably.


Just don't forget us if you ever see an opportunity to expand the software.

I'd be interested as well. At the price point of the first run I would have actually been in line for one if it had been Win7 compatible. As it is I'm kind of waiting for the LinnStrument.

Can't the driver be done in java? I realize the huge problem cross-platform development (still) poses, but if in any way possible it should be adressed in a sustainable way IMO, not avoided until it can't be ignored. The entry-cost to offer your product cross-plattform will only get bigger the more advanced your mac software gets... and Windows is a huge potential user base.

I'm just putting this in to let you know. How about putting a call up on your website that people should write in if they would be interested in a windows compatible version? I for one have been here before and left again in frustration after reading the mac only part.

You have a gorgeous device there. Everybody should have one. :)

Best regards