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Not being complimentary towards Reason doesnt make someone a troll or lacking in sense.
As obnoxious as what I wrote might sound to you, and I get that, can you honestly explain how the risks and downsides I mention aren't a possibility?

I acknowledge that you are one of a small handful of top notch sound designers that really like and use Reason, but if criticism is so prevalent there just might be at least a tiny basis for it.

"go on... give us a car analogy. ferrari/skoda is a good one ;)"

Its not really apt. To me its more like selling Tibetan Tantric practice manuals at the checkout isle of a grocery chain.

I perfer to think of it as 'protective' ;-)

I'm not saying Randy shouldn't make some kind of widget for RE for extra revenue, but if AALTO were my invention I wouldn't want to compromise it with Propellerheads' restrictions (and give them 30 points off the top) or overexpose it by making it available to every single Reason user at the press of a button so they can turn it into a novelty effect.

If it could be sold here, outside of the RE store so those Reason users who either already have it or know about it and genuinely want it could use it, and if Randy wanted to adapt it to propellerhead's specs and give them 30 points, then certainly.

Maybe Randy should sell Soundplanes in Best Buy. Just smaller and without the wood. And keep it under $300 but make sure they get no less than 28 points.

Please don't make an AALTO RE.

While the odd mature producer/artist etc who inexplicably has an attachment to Reason might make good use of it, lets face it, the majority of Reason users are, um, not very sophisticated in their tastes and range.
Do you really want the sound of your wonderful design maligned and badly overused by having it show up on a bunch of combnator "techno"? tracks all over sound cloud?
Those people cant tell the difference between the stock sounds and refils and the current RE's anyway.
You might make 20-30 bucks a pop but it will hurt the prestige of the brand.

Sounds arrogant. I know. Kind of is. But it had to be said.