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Note that the docs are not up to date. In short, you can use a .kbm by naming it the same as the .scl you want it to go with (except the extension), and putting it in the same directory. There's a forum thread or two here that should provide more background. Please contact me here or at the support email if you have any questions.


Absolutely. Sorry for the confusion.

Make sure you have Live 10.0.3. The 10.0.2 release is known to be buggy. See a rant thread here: https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=7093149

You can also try the VST plugins if you are using the AU ones currently.

If you are still finding problems please let me know more specifics. Which patches are not working? If it's a factory one you can tell me or if only your own just copy as text and paste it here.

Yes, sorry this thread is very old!

Since years everything is in ~/Music/Madrona Labs so that people are not confused about which Library folder, or hidden library folders. Feel free to email me at support@madronalabs with any questions.

I'm putting out an update of each plugin soon for stability / compatibility. Meanwhile I'll be releasing a few betas first for Mac and later for Windows.


version 1.8.3 changes:

  • added handling of "all notes off" and "all sound off" MIDI messages
  • fixed bugs with Scala .scl and .kbm handling
  • fixed issue with step sequencer not quantizing to current scale
  • fixed issue with step sequencer UI not reaching maximum when dragging
  • more to come...

There is a known issue with AU plugins in Live 10.0.2. Does the VST plugin work better?

I'm still fighting another bug longer than expected, so here's a DLL to try for Windows: http://madronalabs.com/media/temp/Aalto_x64-1.8.3.zip

It's just a raw DLL so place it into your VSTPlugins folder directly. It's only the 64-bit version with the tuning fix and other fixes.

The crashing bug preventing release currently affects only the 32-bit version. As soon as that's sorted I can make installers and release all the plugins.

I've been working on other bug fixes here as well. It will be out in days rather than weeks. Thanks for your patience.

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These parameters won't do anything useful for you. They are plumbing that makes things work behind the scenes and probably shouldn't be showing but if I removed them then it would mess up existing patches.

There's not currently a way to do this. I was trying to keep things very simple. But a few people have asked the same question so I'll try to provide a good way of moving the folder soon.

It was my plan that just making an alias in ~/Music would be a simple way to do what you want, but the plugins don't follow the alias properly right now when looking for the registration or patches. I'll try to fix this at the very least.

Thanks for the feedback.

Good idea, thanks! Printful (who makes the shirts) doesn't do stickers so I have to think on this a bit but I like stickers too... :-)

I'm excited too. Back to work on updating the other plugs this morning though. it's all part of the fun, as they say, but I can't wait to get back to wild sound experimentation.

Can confirm! It's the LFO, should be an easy fix.

It's been pushed back a little but still moving forward and I am excited to share more when I can. Too early for interface but a sound snippet soon I hope.

I was able to look at the thread on the Live forums and it looks like Ableton is aware of the issue and will fix for 10.0.3.

Thanks dale, got a link?

That's really interesting. And weird. I'll see what is different about the VST and AU versions.

Does this also happen when there is only one copy of Aalto?

You are sending really useful information, I hope I can track this down soon.

My guess is that some MIDI information is getting to Aalto that is messing it up. I have not heard of any bug matching these symptoms before.

If you make a new empty Ableton Live project and add an Aalto and some notes in a new clip to test it, can you get this to happen? What if you make three Aaltos?

Hey, I got into the work on Scala and tuning. I fixed some bugs. With this particular scale you sent though, the problem is in the scale here. Generally you want ratios in between 1/1 and 2/1. Most of these are less than 1, then the last ratio jumps up to 2.

Instead I would start this idea 25/23, 21/19, and so on. The ratio 1/1 before the scale is a given and the rest of them should be monotonically increasing from there.

It's the same as natural latex rubber foam. I'm sure there are a ton of suppliers you can find online.

V2 is a ways off yet, gotta finish sumu first for starters.

you can search this site by typing into google: "site:madronalabs.com" followed by your search.

I haven't seen any sharing of wavetables.

It's not going to be super accurate, because a kora has such a special body. But I bet if you play around with gut string resonators and a large box body you can get something evocative.

My guess would also be CPU use. If you turn the number of voices down to 1 it's an easy way to check this without messing with audio buffer sizes. Increasing the audio buffer size can be an effective fix.

By pressure I guess you mean note-on velocity? [edit] I guess if you don't mind a "pulse" that is not a constant amplitude you could map amplitude directly to pressure. Seems worth trying at least!

Hi there,

I'm still working to get a local search online or find a better forum software. Meanwhile you can use google to search within only this site like so:

"site:madronalabs.com Kaivo" (for example)

We have to get the touches working now and see what extra features make sense to implement. I hear that a selectable length trigger might be nice to have.

The granulator is the input to the physical models that follow. The input to models is also called the exciter sometimes. The exciter determines what comes out of the models, because for the most part only frequencies that are in the exciter can be in the output.

I say "for the most part" because a nonlinear model can produce frequencies not in its input. However nonlinear effects here are a small portion of the sound.

It may help to think of the models as collections of delays and reverbs. fundamentally there is no difference.