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Shee-it. I take it you were using 1.1 previously and it was OK? I can help you get 1.1 running again, with its presets, if you run into any problems.

I don't know if there were any update Live 7 release after the one you have, but you might try applying those if you haven't. And, of course, Live 8 is finally working OK... but I know that costs money.

I hate to say this, but figuring out Live 7 problems is not going to be a high priority. I want to help but I'm trying to be realistic about what I can do, and there's only one of me.

Will be in the manual, coming soon. Mostly what is there is what you see though! I didn't bother with some things like a sustain pedal frankly because I didn't think of them. Let me know if you have any questions.

The "real manual" is well underway. I've had some good help with writing it, and it's shaping up to be pretty awesome. Unfortunately I had to wrap up the software release without it, but keep an eye out-- it should be coming very soon.

Text in patches is another thing that I really want to add when I can find time. v.2 if not sooner.

I am very glad to hear you are having fun making sounds!

@technomonkey, I think you are probably kidding about noisy vs. mellow... But just for the record, the difference is not enough so that one could be described any different from another... It's about the same as the difference between two copies of the same analog hardware synth... VERY subtle.

The sequencer bug doesn't show up right at first, but once you trigger it, by moving the seq controls around, none of the seq params change anymore. This explains why Rory's patches would turn silent.

As you can see, Aalto 1.2 is out for Mac and Windows.

Unfortunately there seems to be a problem with the Mac installer affecting about half of the population. I am working on a fix---please stay tuned.

The Windows installer as fine as far as I know, so have at it, and enjoy.

I'll be fulfilling all orders as soon as I get the installer issue sorted.

I run Aalto under Parallels and Windows 7 quite often -- in fact, I did the bulk of the development there. Performance is basically the same as native, on Live's CPU meter.

So, I would expect Boot camp performance to be much better. Unfortunately I have not used Bootcamp, but hopefully someone can help you on the forums here.

Do other softsynths have the same reduced performance? If so, look into driver issues.

Hi guys, thanks for paying close attention and for all the comments. I have a million emails to reply to so I'm not going to respond to each point, but know that they are appreciated.

The sequencer bug is a real problem and I've no idea how it happened so late in the game. I'll have to push out an update soon.

GUI problems across hosts are part of the nightmare that is writing plugins, I'll see what I can do but frankly have to focus on the most popular hosts because I just don't have the resources to do otherwise.

@seppe, Thanks but I have no idea what you mean "pitch bend has strange results". It seems to work fine. You will have to be more specific.

I will look at the All Notes Off message. I don't think i'm trying to do anything about it now.

I know just what you mean about the lack of scaling options. I was trying to make a minimal set of controls that did a lot, but may have erred on the side of minimal. Some help will be in a future release. Thanks for your ideas! I am leaning towards adding a dedicated ring mod / scaling module.

It's planned, thanks for the input.

I am finding the sequencer problem too across all platforms. No idea how this happened so late in the game, but I'm eager to get a fix out soon. Thanks for the reports.

@savaran, I am at 45% for 4 voices in Live 8 on my 2.4GHz Core i5 laptop running Win 7. So that's a little weird, I would expect yours to be way better.

But ah, when we throw these numbers around, don't forget
It makes a huge difference what size you have the buffering set to in your DAW.
Mine is at 256.

RAM doesn't really help because Aalto takes very little for its audio path. One Aalto will only run on one core (for now). So it's pretty much just CPU speed that matters.

The 64 bit version is around 10% faster than the 32-bit on my machine.

@toksin: It has nothing to do with it. So I don't know what registered owner of Aalto "Toksin" matches, because it's not in our Aalto database. But, I hope we got you sorted now.

@cscairney: That's correct, I tried to mail everyone bu my service provide cut off the script half way through the run, so I'm not sure who got mails and who didn't. :-( Email support@madronalabs.com and I'll take are of it.

@toksin, I don't know if I got your email because I don't see ny matching "toksin." Let me know please. support@madronalabs.com

Thanks for the tip. My plan is just to get a real commercial-quality hosting provider, now that we can afford to.

@toksin you should have received an email with update links this morning. If not, email support@madronalabs.com and I'll hook you up.


maybe every 5 minutes starting at noon. :-)

An Aalto 1.2 screenshot, by popular demand. Note the taut, eager beauty of its supple flowing lines.

Yes, it costs a lot more CPU to make the envelope parameters modulatable.

It's too hard on the CPU to modulate the gate decay, unless I figure out some optimizations. The same basically goes for everything else I didn't put a modulation knob on.

Of course. You can click or shift-click to select any combination of cables.

Modulate what about the gate?

Dear Music Makers, please note: I will be taking the Memorial Day weekend off, and stepping away from the computer. Any orders sent in after this morning will not be processed until Tuesday, May 31.

What's a word for sooner than soon? Right, thanks. The Aalto 1.2 release, with much improved UI and efficiency, is imminent. I can safely say it will be out in the first half of June. I'll announce a proper date and time after the weekend.

@rgiskard: same same only better. I'll post a shot in a few minutes.

@ahs: it's much better on the CPU. the actual fix is kind of a bit complicated to explain right now, and depends on which host you are using. but, it's way better on all of them. and it's free. so just enjoy it friday :-)

He made those.

@function Um...

OK, Friday release definitely, around noon.

@function: Sorry, I'm such a chatterbox, I just can't help spending all my time chatting. Its why I never get anything done.

Oh look, I just compiled the Windows golden master. Friday release probably.