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If you have not updated in some years, the samples / presets location may have moved. Long ago it was all in /Library/Application Support/Madrona Labs... and now everything is in ~/Music/Madrona Labs. This is for Mac. For Windows it's /Appdata/Roaming/Madrona Labs.

You didn't say what OS you are on. Either way, the defaults should be installed to the correct place when you run the installer. If these didn't show up, maybe the installer had an issue with permissions. Please send me the OS info and maybe I can think of something else to try. Did the Madrona Labs folder get created?

Thanks for the report. I suspect this may differ from computer to computer but I'll check out the release here ASAP. Hopefully I can reproduce the freeze................

When I get a bug report this good, I weep tears of developer joy. Thanks for your help.

I'm currently working on this issue for an all-plugins update coming soon.

Well, this is interesting. My guess is that there is still some kind of rare issue with one or more of the physical models that can make audio loss happen under just the right conditions. I'll be switching to various OS / host pairs in the course of my testing now and hopefully some combination will let me reproduce the problem.

Hi @spotta, I looked at your license key and it wasn't working because there was a space in your last name in your account. That used to cause issues with the system. Since we discovered that we filter them out. I fixed your account and rebuilt the license. it should work now.

OK thanks for the additional info. Also, do you have Ableton 9 installed and if so can you please give that a try and let me know whether there is any difference?

Hi there, what OS are you running on? Mac? Windows? Which version? I have not tested with Ableton 10 yet but can try to reproduce.

What you you mean "MIDI in appears?"

Can you try Aalto on the same setup and please let me know if that works? If you don't have it you can try the demo, it's the same code. If Aalto works but not Kaivo it's possible that Ableton 10 is provoking a rare DSP-lockup bug, which might be a blessing in disguise!


Thanks for the report, I appreciate the help.

I posted 1.7.0b2. This restores the port numbers.

link: Soundplane 1.7.0 beta 2 dmg

It's the same link as last time, however I am updating the beta version, which you can see in the app.

Great, I look forward to further results form your end. I did get one stuck note here playing last night.

Sorry I forgot to mention the port number change. I will change it back for the time being.

Soundplane listens for Kyma on port 3124, I was testing a Kyma fix.

Work is currently being done on the website with a partner and we're considering what to do with the forums in the future.

Another Soundplane software update is available. This release is recommended for all Soundplane owners. It's coming out hot on the heels of the 1.5 version in order to fix a problem that some users were having under Mac OS 10.10.

To keep up with Apple's code-signing recommendations I'm now distributing the application as a signed .dmg file. Just drag the Soundplane app to the Applications shortcut to install in typical Mac fashion.

Finally, latency is also decreased with this version, for the first time since the initial release! I hesitate to throw out precise numbers yet, because latency measurements are hard to do right. Roughly speaking, an underlying isochronous USB layer that added 10–20 milliseconds of latency previously is now down to just a few ms. I'm looking forward to doing some accurate tests. Maybe this will make a cool movie?

For those of you who write computer program and are doing things like compiling Soundplane apps for Linux, the C++ API is now settled down, so that you won't have to keep up with any further changes for a long while. As always the code is available on github: https://github.com/madronalabs/soundplane

Direct link: Soundplane 1.6.0.dmg, 5.9MB

version 1.6 changes:

  • improved isochronous USB driver: lower latency, allows restart after pausing app
  • fixed an issue selecting cleanest carriers after "select carriers"
  • now distributing as signed .dmg
  • fixed a possible crash on shutdown

Stay tuned for a maintenance update of Aalto, Kaivo and Virta very shortly.

and done, see hardware forum.

Thanks for the help Phil.

Thanks for the thoughts about OSC parameter access. I would really like to do it. I don't think it will be too hard. It's been on my list for a long time but lower priority than some other things people have been asking for.

Found another couple issues I need to fix before sending out the beta. Should be able to take care of them Monday.

The low latency isoch callback routines are called by the Mac at main interrupt time in order to allow low latency, which makes them kind of dangerous. Being careful about when these are called and comprehensive about their errors are handled seems to have eliminated the crashing.

This looks like very interesting work. Thanks for sharing. I would be interested to add NKS directly to Aalto (and the other synths) but I just haven't had time to look at it yet.

I'm very happy if you want to convert the factory patches as well.

I look forward to learning more about all this...

Can you look in Activity Monitor and tell me what Live's CPU use is first with one instance of Aalto, then with Aalto disabled? Then I can tell you if it seems reasonable.

Your system should do well with Aalto. CPU is the only really important thing for Aalto, disk and memory won't affect it much.

I ended up taking a deep dive into things and fixing some other issues that made development slow. (Kernel panics when debugging, no more!) I will be wrapping the app up and sending out a beta this week. Since the internals changed so much, I'll be upping the version to 1.7 (1.6, we hardly knew ye) and starting afresh with a proper beta.

In addition to the improvements to lower layers I did find the bug that was causing the intermittent issues with output.

You definitely have all the information you need in the file. Probably the line-endings are getting mixed up, depending on what program you use to save it. I'll try to find time to write a quick tutorial on this soon.

We are not yet sure. It's a battle to make it skiff-friendly, but yet not overly wide, and we are still working out the details.

I'm reading again where you say the format is changed. Did you try registering a plugin with the saved text? Maybe there is no problem. The spacing you see when text is centered is completely a result of the presentation on the website and not of the text itself. So the apparent change to left alignment is normal.

There may also be a setting in notepad++ needed to fix the line endings under Windows. I'm sorry I can't find details for you right now, but I know I have made this work in the past.

Thanks for the good words. I'm looking forward to getting this release out ASAP so I can focus on the next plugin! Hopefully, before this month is over. Thanks for your patience.

Hi, I guess you are on Windows? It's common for text editors to use a different character for "end of line" there, and maybe the slash characters are confusing your editor. But it should be no problem to find an editor that makes it look right. I have good luck with notepad++. If you can see it on the website, then you have all the data.

In any case, I plan to be still operating for years to come. I appreciate your concern about longevity.

Thanks for the additional info. I put the bug in my system and will check it out for the next release.

I'll have to investigate this. I'm not familiar with what you are describing.

In all the MPE and MIDI code, notes are all handled equally, so it's hard to think of why certain combinations would not be working. Can you confirm that you don't have this issue with other MPE-capable synths?

Are these failing note combinations the same if you launch the DAW and everything again?

Thanks for the note. Enjoy!

It is definitely possible. There's a program message, or some kind of message, to the vst~ object that should change the program and there should be a way to get a list of programs as well. I don't have Max/MSP on this computer so it's hard for me to look it up right now.

What I found out today is that there is an intermittent problem. I can start up the Soundplane app and have it work fine, then start up again in the same way and it gives the symptoms you are describing. This is why I was able to test and think it was functional. I'll work to fix this ASAP.

What I found out today is that there is an intermittent problem. I can start up the Soundplane app and have it work fine, then start up again in the same way and it gives the symptoms you are describing. This is why I was able to test and think it was functional. I'll work to fix this ASAP.