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Oh no! Thanks for the feedback. I'll try to reproduce this on Windows.

I will be sending out Aaltoverb as a freebie when I can find time. Have you tried Virta as an effect? It does delay and chorus type FX pretty well. reverb.... maybe not.

I point everyone to the reverbs from ValhallaDSP for great sound and value.

I'm working on sumu as well as the CV interface for Soundplane.



One more very different flavor to round out the semi-modular stable before I move on to other things. More soon!

Dear music makers,

In appreciation for your support, it's time for the annual winter sale. Use the code MAYTHEREBEPEACE on any of the product pages to get 25% off any Madrona Labs plugin. From now through Jan 5.

I think the documentation is behind on this, so sorry if it wasn't clear. I'll take a look.

This is the expected new behavior, more or less. One issue is that the present code can result in rare stuck notes due to UDP dropouts. I think it may make sense to fix this in the sender as well as the receiver. So I may send intermittent (but far less frequent) zero z frames if a voice is not active.

Thanks for the info and comments on Windows 10. I'll update the documentation.

I haven't had a any other requests for a user-defined scales folder, so I'm not sure when this might happen.

The names in the scale files are typically things like "Mubayiwa Bandambira's Mbira DzaVadzimu tuning B1=114 Hz " ... which seems way too long for a menu. Better to save your own scale files you are using with more legible files names if you like.

I can imagine displaying the long descriptive scale names in a hover or help control at some point.

This is part of the Scala .kbm (keyboard mapping) specification. If you put a .kbm file into the Scales directory with the same name as the .scl before the extension, Aalto (and the others) will load that mapping.

I'm working right now to release a revision to all the plugins that will fix some bugs in the mappings. So, if you think something is wrong, don't waste too much of your own time before deciding it may be my problem! And please post a report of what's going on.

Scala specification, links to .kbm spec

I'll be there with whatever I can get done by May!

Soundplane to CV module would be great. Sumu is higher priority right now.

Super, or, if you just tell me what scale you are hearing changes with, I can start there.

There's no limit to 3. You can put as many as you like in "MIDI Programs."

Currently there's a bug with the sorting order. I'm pretty sure that's what is confusing the issue. I'm sorry about the inconvenience. There is a Kaivo beta out that has the sorting order fixed, if you are on Mac OS: Kaivo1.3.3b1.

Please let me know if that helps.

OK, this is something I need to look at, it seems likely that High Sierra is changing how permissions affect the installer. I'll add this to my list for this update. Thanks for the info and please do keep me posted.

I've been working to fix some bugs in scale handling. It's possible I fixed something that changed the behavior. It's also possible I broke something. If you can send me a test or explain how to reproduce, I'll have a listen.

Thanks for the info, I'd not heard of that so I'll check into what they do.


Hey this is exciting news!

Approximately. They could really be just about any aspect ratio and still work.

Sadly, this would be kind of complicated and I haven't heard a lot of demand for it.

The production Soundplane has approx. 1.5cm wide strips with a 1mm gap in between. There is very little crosstalk between the strips because capacitive transfer between plates edge-on is a very small effect. I would advise starting with one 2x2 sensor so you can test these things for yourself.

I'm hoping some Bitwig user can chime in. I don't know what might have changed from Bitwig v. 1 to v. 2. Can you be more specific about what doesn't work?


If you have not updated in some years, the samples / presets location may have moved. Long ago it was all in /Library/Application Support/Madrona Labs... and now everything is in ~/Music/Madrona Labs. This is for Mac. For Windows it's /Appdata/Roaming/Madrona Labs.

You didn't say what OS you are on. Either way, the defaults should be installed to the correct place when you run the installer. If these didn't show up, maybe the installer had an issue with permissions. Please send me the OS info and maybe I can think of something else to try. Did the Madrona Labs folder get created?

Thanks for the report. I suspect this may differ from computer to computer but I'll check out the release here ASAP. Hopefully I can reproduce the freeze................

When I get a bug report this good, I weep tears of developer joy. Thanks for your help.

I'm currently working on this issue for an all-plugins update coming soon.

Well, this is interesting. My guess is that there is still some kind of rare issue with one or more of the physical models that can make audio loss happen under just the right conditions. I'll be switching to various OS / host pairs in the course of my testing now and hopefully some combination will let me reproduce the problem.

Hi @spotta, I looked at your license key and it wasn't working because there was a space in your last name in your account. That used to cause issues with the system. Since we discovered that we filter them out. I fixed your account and rebuilt the license. it should work now.

OK thanks for the additional info. Also, do you have Ableton 9 installed and if so can you please give that a try and let me know whether there is any difference?

Hi there, what OS are you running on? Mac? Windows? Which version? I have not tested with Ableton 10 yet but can try to reproduce.

What you you mean "MIDI in appears?"

Can you try Aalto on the same setup and please let me know if that works? If you don't have it you can try the demo, it's the same code. If Aalto works but not Kaivo it's possible that Ableton 10 is provoking a rare DSP-lockup bug, which might be a blessing in disguise!