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Alex, I can probably make you a one-off. Please email me and we'll work something out.

Should be there by 6 April.

Thank you!

Ode school!

@masarin you can pick "see size guide" at the following page:

@starthief I have added that option now!

Hmm, I haven't run into this but I'll try to reproduce on Windows 10.

Others have reported bugs with the Scala handling. Sorry for the inconvenience. I'll take a look at this scale as well as my other test cases and keep you posted on a fix, later this week I hope.

This thread got lifted up by a spam comment and then I saw I never replied. Sorry about that!

Aalto does a basic version of MPE without some of the possible configuration options. It only responds to notes on channels 2 and up, and on channel 1 (main) to affect all notes as spec'd in MPE.

Sorry this was frustrating. It's supposed to be very easy: the Aalto installer just installs all the presets.

What OS are you running on? What did you do to fix the issue? Did you find the presets elsewhere on disk? Thanks for any additional info.

If I can do it without changing the panel, I might. I've thought about adding an A/B kinda thing where one panel could control two objects in an expert mode. Thanks for the feedback.

The patches are just JSON files. You should be able to edit the sample_name parameter and save a copy with a text editor. Then you can switch between those patches either with the main patch menu or by putting them in the MIDI Programs directory and using pgm change.

Kaivo is not doing anything special with the files, currently. Feel free to drop any short WAV in there. I wanted the ability to store things like grain start points with the file, so importing is the go-to method but there is not any saving of preprocessing happening, currently. If you put in a lot of long files, Kaivo may take longer to start up.

I used to put things in Application Support. Then Apple decided to make the ~/Library folder invisible by default and I found myself explaining over and over again to people both how to find it and why I would hide stuff away in an invisible folder. I could implement a redirect function for power users at some point.

Yes, these parameters currently behave like this. It should be possible to fix. I'll take a look.

Currently un-possible. I'm adding a feature request for this.

However, a workaround would be to make two or more patches equal in everything but the sample source, and use MIDI program select or something to switch between them. The sound engine is not required to do a reset between patches, and so if the body types etc. are not changed, you should have continuity of sound.

If you find the MIDI Programs are not being sorted correctly, that's not you, it's a recently discovered issue on my end.

Good morning... Yes nonlin doesn't really do anything for some models. For others it does something but is subtle. The gut string should be not subtle- there it affects the tension modulation and thus the pitch envelope. Sorry if this was driving you crazy.

A lot of code is shared between the plugins. If I fix it for one of them, I'll release fixes for all ASAP. Thanks for the reminder.

Oh no! Thanks for the feedback. I'll try to reproduce this on Windows.

I will be sending out Aaltoverb as a freebie when I can find time. Have you tried Virta as an effect? It does delay and chorus type FX pretty well. reverb.... maybe not.

I point everyone to the reverbs from ValhallaDSP for great sound and value.

I'm working on sumu as well as the CV interface for Soundplane.



One more very different flavor to round out the semi-modular stable before I move on to other things. More soon!

Dear music makers,

In appreciation for your support, it's time for the annual winter sale. Use the code MAYTHEREBEPEACE on any of the product pages to get 25% off any Madrona Labs plugin. From now through Jan 5.

I think the documentation is behind on this, so sorry if it wasn't clear. I'll take a look.

This is the expected new behavior, more or less. One issue is that the present code can result in rare stuck notes due to UDP dropouts. I think it may make sense to fix this in the sender as well as the receiver. So I may send intermittent (but far less frequent) zero z frames if a voice is not active.

Thanks for the info and comments on Windows 10. I'll update the documentation.

I haven't had a any other requests for a user-defined scales folder, so I'm not sure when this might happen.

The names in the scale files are typically things like "Mubayiwa Bandambira's Mbira DzaVadzimu tuning B1=114 Hz " ... which seems way too long for a menu. Better to save your own scale files you are using with more legible files names if you like.

I can imagine displaying the long descriptive scale names in a hover or help control at some point.

This is part of the Scala .kbm (keyboard mapping) specification. If you put a .kbm file into the Scales directory with the same name as the .scl before the extension, Aalto (and the others) will load that mapping.

I'm working right now to release a revision to all the plugins that will fix some bugs in the mappings. So, if you think something is wrong, don't waste too much of your own time before deciding it may be my problem! And please post a report of what's going on.

Scala specification, links to .kbm spec

I'll be there with whatever I can get done by May!

Soundplane to CV module would be great. Sumu is higher priority right now.

Super, or, if you just tell me what scale you are hearing changes with, I can start there.

There's no limit to 3. You can put as many as you like in "MIDI Programs."

Currently there's a bug with the sorting order. I'm pretty sure that's what is confusing the issue. I'm sorry about the inconvenience. There is a Kaivo beta out that has the sorting order fixed, if you are on Mac OS: Kaivo1.3.3b1.

Please let me know if that helps.