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Kaivo 1.0

OSX 10.9.2

Numerology 4 Build 131

Live 9.1.1

Just noticed that for some reason, presets don't appear when selecting Kaivo through the plugin browser in either Numerology 4, or Live 9. For comparison, presets in Aalto do.

Patch/sample pack is installed, and all presets are visible from within Kaivo.

Numerology screenshot

Side note: in Live

  • Aalto: shows all presets, but without the menu tree display in Numerology (that smells very host-specific)
  • Kaivo: doesn't show presets (presumably same issue as with Numerology)

Anyway, minor issue ;) Let me know if I can provide any further info!

Thanks Randy, and congrats for getting Kaivo out :)


Sounds like you need to install the Patch/Sample pack from

Hey Randy,

No problem; just thought I'd mention it as it looked a little odd seen alongside Aalto.

Your explanation makes perfect sense :)