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Can we unfortunate bastards that cannot afford a soundplane, somehow leech on the new OSC features with lemur, touchOSC, konkreet Performer etc?



Just a few more questions :)

Is the Aalto different when it kicks into t3d mode ( mapping x,y,z from gui etc. )
Can i send along any DeviceId.
The Lemur tries to update around 60Hz, is this to slow.

Maybe its a waste of time without proper expressive instrument, but i am just a bit curious.

Edit: nevermind, just visited hardware forum, should contain relevant info.

Any pointers to how one would start. OSC address reference? Only if you have something laying about.

Cheers - oh and many thanks for the update btw

I like it, the first thing I do though is scale it up

I think it is much better now, so I guess I am in the 'other' camp and would hate it to change back, but options are always great.

It doesn't seem to remember window size though ( Reaper win8 64bit )