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Setting up Virta in Sonar.

This work on Sonar Platinum but should work on earlier versions.

Virta is seen as a VST effect. This needs to be changed. Open the plugin manager and find Virta. Change it from a tempo based effect to a synth. This will allow all midi messages to reach Virta (most importantly the keyboard).

Do not insert Virta through the synth rack or dragging from the browser (X1 versions and above). You need to use the old way to setup the tracks properly.

Insert an audio track and a midi track. I group them in a track folder for organization.

Insert Virta into the FX bin of the audio track. All audio on or routed to the audio track will play through Virta.

Change the midi track output to Virta.

That's it...

I just tested and this works for Virta and Reaper on Windows:

You just need two tracks and some custom routing.

I also posted over at the Reaper forum.