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I'm evaluating Aalto 1.2.6 and there is one thing that I'm often missing in the current build (not counting the missed ability to save patches in a user specified folder): something like 'Multiple' module to combine and mix signals from multiple patch cords and alter (invert, scale etc) signal from a single patch cord.

Are there plans to implement smth like this in future Aalto builds? Do we need to discuss this feature further?

Thank you!

Press Alt while pointing to the Go menu in Finder to see the link to your User Library.

Speaking of user patches location: I'm pretty sure there should be a way to specify (change) the folder where user patches are stored. Mainly I need this to share (synchronize) user patches between two or more machines where Aalto is installed. If I specify Dropbox folder as a user patches location this location becomes available for all of the connected computers (Mac and PC) - this is very convenient.

I can name a SonicCharge (Magnus Lidström) plugins (uTonic and Synplant) as an example of plugins where user patches location is selectable: there is a Browse button for loading or saving your patches and the selected folder is just remembered for the next time making all the patches in this folder-tree visible in patch list.



Aalto 1.2.6 seems to sort the patches in patchlists alphabetic. This produces output like this:

Alessandro's Machines\
AcAalto2 (etc)

instead of alphanumeric sorting:


Can you please take a look at the sorting algorithm in one of the future Aalto builds?

Thank you!


When I set the OSC Shape value fully left(square) or fully right (saw) and modulate this value with an LFO the animation on this dial just disappears and reappears only after manually changing the Shape value.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Load Aalto with a default patch and enable animation.
  2. Set LFO level to 1 and connect it to Shape
  3. Set the modulation amount fully left (or right) and the Shape value fully left (or right) as well.

After one or two LFO cycles the Shape modulation animation just disappears and not appears back until you manually change the Shape value a little bit.

Can you reproduce this? Is this a bug?
I'm evaluating Aalto 1.26 under Win7 (Ableton Live 8.2.6)

Thanks! It seems the animation disappears after the modulated value gets out of the range of the dial that is modulated.

Update: it seems the problem can be reproduced with every dial in Aalto set fully left or right and modulated by high level of LFO...