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Here's the patch (be sure to put the left arrow at beginning and right at the end dunno why it doesn't post with them)

Kaivo pluginVersion="65536" presetName="oneone[1]" scaleName="12-equal" key_voices="2" key_mod="2" key_bend="0" key_glide="0" seq_trig="1" seq_rate="2.3229997158050537" seq_offset="10" seq_pw="62" seq_value_delay="4.5" seq_pulse_delay="4" seq_value0="0.23999999463558197" seq_value1="0.68999999761581421" seq_value2="0.85999995470046997" seq_value4="0.40999999642372131" seq_value5="0.82999998331069946" seq_value6="0.11999999731779099" seq_value9="0.50999999046325684" seq_value10="0.93000000715255737" seq_value12="0.94999998807907104" seq_value14="0.56000000238418579" seq_value15="0.87000000476837158" seq_pulse0="1" seq_pulse8="1" lfo_offset="0.64999997615814209" lfo_offset_x="0.039999961853027344" lfo_offset_y="-0.12000000476837158" lfo_rate="0.45000007748603821" lfo_level="0.80000001192092896" lfo_offset_p="0.39999997615814209" lfo_rate_p="1.1999998092651367" lfo_level_p="0.93999993801116943" noise_peaks="5" noise_width="1.7999999523162842" noise_falloff="0.53999996185302734" noise_offset="0.099999964237213135" noise_rate="185.68002319335938" noise_level="0.72999995946884155" noise_auto="1" noise_filter="1" noise_offset_p="0.99999994039535522" env1_decay="0.12999998033046722" env1_sustain="1" env1_release="0.049999993294477463" env1_level="0.34999999403953552" env2_repeat="11.329689025878906" env2_delay_p="0.33999991416931152" env2_repeat_p="-1.9600000381469727" gran_position_x="0.68000000715255737" gran_position_y="0.2800000011920929" gran_rate="55" gran_density="1" gran_pitch_env="2.9802322387695313e-008" gran_pan="-0.20000004768371582" gran_follow="1" gran_smooth="1" gran_wrap="1" gran_position_x_p="0.27999997138977051" gran_position_y_p="0.99999994039535522" gran_rate_p="0.99999988079071045" gran_pitch_p="0.99999994039535522" gran_pitch_env_p="0.99999994039535522" gate_decay="0.81000000238418579" gate_leak="0.029999999329447746" gate_level_p="0.35999998450279236" res_position="0.78999996185302734" res_brightness="0.59999996423721313" res_pitch="220.00001525878906" res_nonlin="0.62999999523162842" res_sustain="0.79999995231628418" res_pan="-0.26999998092651367" res_out_pos="0.059999998658895493" res_lambda="0.93999999761581421" res_length="277" res_sp="8" res_w0="0" res_w1="0" res_m="7.0399999618530273" res_bridge_height="1.6000000238418579" res_bridge_len="0.053000003099441528" res_bridge_amount="0.019999999552965164" res_mode_num="1" res_position_p="0.55999994277954102" res_brightness_p="0.25" res_pitch_p="0.99999988079071045" res_nonlin_p="0.49999997019767761" res_sustain_p="0.21999996900558472" res_pan_p="0.12000000476837158" res_mix_wet="0.61000001430511475" res_mix_dry="0.90999996662139893" body_position_x="0.79999995231628418" body_position_y="0.74000000953674316" body_nonlin="0.099999994039535522" body_tone="0.45999997854232788" body_pitch="0.65999996662139893" body_sustain="0.77999997138977051" body_pitch_mode="2" body_mode_num="3" body_width="8" body_height="4" body_position_x_p="0.49000000953674316" body_position_y_p="0.29999995231628418" body_nonlin_p="0.039999961853027344" body_tone_p="1" body_sustain_p="0.24000000953674316" body_mix_wet="0.15999999642372131" body_mix_dry="0.50999999046325684" output_tilt="4.4703483581542969e-008" patcher_input_1="00000000000000000000010001000000000000000000" patcher_input_2="00000100000010001000000000000000000000000000" patcher_input_10="00000010000000000000000000000000000000000000" patcher_input_13="00000000000000000000000000010000000010100000" patcher_input_14="00000000000000000000000000000000000010010000" patcher_input_15="00000010000000000000000000000000000000000000" patcher_input_16="00000000000000000000000000000010000000000000" patcher_input_17="00000000000000000000000000000000000000000010" editor_x="3" editor_y="21" editor_width="1152" editor_height="624" editor_num="1" editor_anim="1" lfo_function="circle" res_mode="metal string" body_mode="metal plate" sample_name="Oscillators/sine.wav"/

Great sounds can be had with this gem.

Randy you are a genius! I could get all patches to work at 4 voices (besides the Dulcimer ofc) and some at even 6-7 with no problems on my system. (Intel Xeon CPU @ 3.10 Ghz)

Here is the first experiment I've recorded. Using just a Sine wave and playing with the various modulation options as well as the "resonators"


Touching post. I haven't heard about him personally before so thank you for sharing this story with us.

It's so sad that you hear about many great souls that travel this plane upon their departure...

Through death influential beings make the final wave, a last personal act in spreading their legacy and generate new waves..

Excellent news!

I printed it as a booklet and can't wait to bind it and have a thorough read!

Thanks for making this tool!


I like Livid Instruments I was a bit aware of the builder... but slipped my mind..

mainly because I'm thinking of using a monome base kit that has 8 ADC inputs and making modules that I can connect to it...

Also good job on The Brain!!!

ahahaha I do the same thing with the Granite standalone demo at work... just load a sound and play a little and make a drone.. headphones on.. get bored with work... fiddle some more..

+1 on the standalone

It's great to just start a program and fiddle away...

Anyway a standalone would really be amazing for this one...

I'm still waiting on the VST for win btw..

Heeeelpp meeeee!!!!

though "good things come to those who wait" ...

@rsdio Thanks for the input! I will take your advice in consideration.
It'll be USB powered so yea I have to eat as less power as I can..

If anyone else has more suggestions don't be shy to chyme in... i'll start building it soon enough so it could help..

Excellent news!
I was a bit ??!?? when I saw a VST coming from Madrona Labs but I knew it had to be something inspiring or worhwhile.

So Aalto is going to be perfectly integrated with the Sounplane right???

Hey folks,

I'm trying to build myself an controller an would like to add an joystick (2 x pot based not fixed axis) and/or a XY/XYZ small surface.. I'm connecting them to Analog and Digital inputs so if anyone could direct me to some choices?

I found some Alps Joysticks in my country http://www.metrafo.ro/22312-joystick-analog-potentiometru-alps.html but it has 100k or 50k and I may have to get them to work at lower values or find other ones (this one is also expensive)

and for xypads i found some trackpads but I don't know how to connect them to the A/D inputs..

So any advice would be godsend.. cheers

Hello I was following the progress on the Soundplane when I saw this!!!!

I'm very interested in this wonderfully sounding synth and would like to give it a try as soon as possible on windows (maybe beta-testing? heck i'll even pay for beta testing it seems thaat good to my ears)

... It sounds and looks gamechanging... well done!