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Just discovered So great!

Love this synth.

Never know what I'm doing exactly, but I seem to land in good places.

Thanks for your work.

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This is a really good point.

I have two monomes, believe it or not. Fantastic thing, the monome.

By its very nature, endless possibilities. In fact, built into the design of the thing is the challenge "Look at it! It's just a box of lights and buttons! Make it DO something!"

This is cool --- I'm not dissing the monome, it's brilliant --- but it's not the same thing as a guitar. It's not at all the same thing. A guitar has intrinsic boundaries, but everyone addresses those boundaries differently. Despite (because of?) how functionally limited it is, the personality and the intent of the user comes shining through.

I do think the future of music technology is going to be in the direction suggested by this essay and it may prove visionary. People will value things that do only one thing and you have to kind of wrestle with it. Wrestling is fun.

I think the crest of this wave is beginning already. People are yearning for specificity and limitations and intractable eccentricities instead of the spiritual agoraphobia brought on by "limited by your own imagination!"

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This is so exciting. Like early Christmas. Can't wait!

You have built a really inspiring instrument. It's kind of a profound achievement, when you think about it.

Thanks for your work.

I look forward to the updates, but I'm very happy already.

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Just want to say thanks for responding to this request so quickly! I know you're working hard. I hope you're also getting sleep!

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For people like me who are more songwriters than experienced synthesists, it would be helpful to have more patches. I generally learn about the inner workings of a synth by analyzing and modifying sounds that grab my attention. And this leads to further experimentation.

I have already made some very cool Aalto patches from scratch, but I would love to hear more patches made by others.

Please expand the "starter" set and/or begin a patch-sharing forum or mechanism of some kind.

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I think Aalto will function as a fantastic promotion/awareness-raiser for Soundplane. I didn't even know about the project before someone told me "HEY! THERE'S A BUCHLA-INSPIRED SOFTSYNTH IN THE WORKS!"

I feel confident I speak for everyone visiting this site in saying tonight feels like the night before Christmas.

Thanks for your hard work.

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R- Do you plan on announcing a price before you release the product? I think people are wondering how much dough to have on hand. I know I am. It would be helpful.


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This is a very dignified and inspiring post.

I admire your principles. A respect for the past + a commitment to looking forward = substantive innovation.

I'm very excited about Aalto.

I wake up each morning hoping today's the day you release it.


Faster! Faster! Faster! Now! Now! Now! Want! Want! Want!

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