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I'm a really happy aalto user, but i've tried to load aalto into audiomulch, then used the metasurface to morph between several presets of aalto.

It all worked, until i quit audiomulch: then when I re-opened the audiomulch project: meta surface interpolations weren't working anymore...

I just would like to know if someone experienced this, and i don't know if it comes from aalto or audiomulch...

I'm on OS X 10.6.8

ok thanks a lot !

I use the AU version.

let me be clear: I use just ONE plugin with one preset of Aalto, then I tweak the knobs (not the cables !) and take snapshots of the knobs position, then i use the metasurface to morph between my snapshots.

I use the Au version.


well, the metasurface allows you to take snapshots of all the faders of ANY plugin or built in effect, and morph between those snapshots.

it's the ideal host for Aalto IMO

what would it be, if i had to buy buchla modules to have pretty much the equal of aalto ?