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I added a vimeo group for soundplane and a few new videos.

We have Video

New Vid.

Soundplane + KYMA

OMG,soundplane with the KYMA connection is crazy beautiful.

This is the controller KYMA was waiting for.

awesome job everyone.

Out of town until next week but you can be sureI will be testing the KYMA support. How exciting.

I guess Expert Sleepers also has a Silent Way plugin for soundplane on the way for CV, really great news and shows that the simple approach soundplane is taking is working.

Looks like latest client turned off grid pitch mode and now pitches are only in x dimension. Going back to previous client.

Re midi, even with just using midi, it's useful to pair down the data stream. Eigenharp ran into same issue and you can control which messages are sent and what the update rate is.

Anyway, enjoy some space away from this. I think I will do a pure OSC impl for myself and then I can do whatever for the time being. Will share when I have something.

Thx for the new client and the new midi controls.

It would be very useful to me to have checkboxes to turn on or off the individual midi messages for the continuous controls such as pitch bend. That way, I can use a high data rate with OSC without overwhelming the midi buss which is way too easy to do. The midi note/on/off is still quite useful.

Looks gorgeous! I love the wood curve back into the connection plate.