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My first post on these forums :)

Been a huge fan of Aalto since it came out... Finally got Kaivo recently and been lovin it!

Furthermore, Kaivo gives me a use for somethin i've just been hanging onto for years but never quite got around to using...
There was a user on the Cycling74 forums(name: "MikeS") who had been posting(maybe around 2009 or so...) many questions about how to make commercial sounding synths in Max/MSP. In one of his threads, he uploaded a set of wave files he found somewhere(now i can't remember where he got them and though i searched his account, can't find the original thread either).
All that is to say, i basically don't know where these are from, but as long as no one tries to sell this collection of files as is, seems like it should be ok to hand out O_o

So! here is a .zip of single-cycle oscillator samples, which someone(?), long ago, recorded into digital format from various old-school popular vintage synths of various kinds(along with multichannel combinations of some of those same files created in audacity by me).
The folder 'Wave' is the original folder exactly as is. The folder 'WaveMulti' is just some quick multichannel versions i put together using the single-channel files from the original 'Wave' folder. I got tired of doing it real quick, so you'll probably just want to make your own using the original 'Wave' folder, but here's everything just for your quick fun:


Some are not the best quality, but still, they make my Kaivoz real saucy >8D
(Also, sorry for the weirdness of the filedropper link, just kinda searched and found that real quick... looks like you need to ignore some of the ads at the top and click the download link little further down the page... where it then asks you type in a captcha to confirm...)
(And a final apology for being so goddamned wordy :D)

Cheers, Enjoy!

(Edit: yet another apology from me, oops, i didn't search very well, probably could've just joined my stuff to this older thread.)

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Or Soundcloud

all 3 tracks use Aalto pretty heavily, and the second track also uses Kaivo. hope ya like and thanks for listening!

Ya, loving the thickness of the soundz! Great stuff!

^Thanks for giving them a more permanent home, Truly appreciated! :)