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Hello folks, im quite excited to have jumped in on the next batch of Soundplanes, Im interested in some opinions from people on what route they think i could/should go to maximise my sound-plane experience. I have seen the impressive demo from the soundplane using OSC with Kyma, I'm very much looking forward to the Aalto 1.3 update but am also very tempted to begin a eurorack and use Siletway OSC to control it via the sound plane.

Im interested in peoples thoughts of where they think the Soundplane is most valuable and where they think it is headed. Will i be able to get the most out of it as just a midi controller for existing softsynths and Aalto?? can i make the most of OSC control with softsynths?

I have very little experience or strength in synthesis and or midi/OSC programming but am willing to learn and would like to get into some more of my own sound design, generally i use soft synths and tweak presets with fx for my ambient,synth & folky sounds. I like organic, expressive sounds hence i see great value in the Soundplane IF i can pair it with the right sampler or synth that will allow its expressive performance via midi or OSC.

Should i start a eurorack modular? this seems like a good hands on way to learn more indepth synthesis and get some very unique, organic analogue tones. this could also be an expensive/addictive undertaking although i see the use of Silent way OSC will allow more options and resolution to use the sound plane more to its potential than perhaps it would be as a simple midi controller for soft synths?

Should i buy Kyma? i have read that this is fantastic for synthesis and sound design, and far easier to learn than say Reactor or Max. Does the sound quality compare to a top quality eurorack? I am tempted by a couple of the desktop synths currently around but figured the modular is needed for the silent way OSC and therefore i may aswell start a modular at the same time.

Can i get the most out of the soundplane with softsynths or should i go down the track of an OSC capable modular or Kyma and dive in and learn the nuts and bolts.

advice/opinions welcomed. sound quality and expressive control is ultimately my highest priority.

thanks folks, looking forward to posting more regularly and learning all the possibilities of the Soundplane.

Thanks Randy - i think kyma perhaps might just be a bit beyond me at the moment although i will consider a small modular to help me work on a hands on approach to learning more synthesis basics and hopefully achieve some of the sounds i'm after. Eager.