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P.S. I'm sorry if I didn't do this transfer correctly! I was a little unsure of how this works, the buyer wanted to pay immediately, and he already sent the money via Paypal. Reading over this thread, I realize my mistake - that I should have asked you first. My apologies, Randy. It wasn't intentional.


Hey Randy,

I just made an Aalto transfer sale on KVR! Just waiting on you so that I may pay you the $10 fee and get the new buyer his software. I've e-mailed you but I wondered if I may be able to get your attention up here.



On another note: I absolutely LOVE the new t-shirts! Beautiful design.

It's not as if I didn't demo it properly. My wanting to sell it has nothing to do with me purchasing without spending enough time with the demo version, and it's not as if I've had it for a week and already want to get rid of it - I've had it since September of 2011. As most people have at least once or twice during their lives, money is ridiculously tight right now, and with my girlfriend being due for our first babygirl this July, I have been trying to "trim the fat" anywhere I can.
Rather than digging through the fine print, I just asked the question here. Now I've got my answer. Thanks for taking the time to reply to my Q.


Sorry if this is covered somewhere already, but I couldn't find the answer: Is it possible to transfer an Aalto license?

Thanks Randy!


This is exciting news for sure!

One issue I'm having is that my account has no "My Downloads" section anywhere. Yes, I'm positive that I am using the correct e-mail address that I used when purchasing Aalto. I have never had a reason to seek out a Download section before because I have never needed to re-download the synth.

Please help as soon as you get a free moment! Thanks :)

~Brendan Gonyea

Can't wait ;D

i adore this synth! one of, if not THE best synth in my arsenal! :)

i am definitely looking forward to the update! i wonder: are the new "feature additions" you referred to in your recent newsletter listed anywhere? i was hoping to get an idea of what extra goodies will be on this puppy :D

thanks Randy

wow, I can't believe no one has replied to help you yet! I would love to help, but unfortunately I don't have MASCHINE and I don't have the answers you seek. Hopefully my "bump" will bring your thread to the attention of someone who CAN help you. :)


i fully agree with lotus. if you don't want to use it, no worries. as for a cluttered GUI: i seriously doubt one little 'randomize' button is going to suddenly make Aalto's GUI cluttered. lol

i take it you meant to type "That could'VE been..." ?

anyway, congratulations for the praise :)
and yes, Aalto is an incredible instrument. definitely in my top 3 of all time!


agreed, might be pretty damn cool

awesome! :D

sheesh, i was just joking around.

still, sorry to offend. and sorry, Randy


completely understand :) thanks for your reply!

i like the idea of reversing the posting order, i second that with a +1!

great patches everyone! keep 'em coming! :)

purchased Aalto a few hours ago! i played with the demo for five minutes and had to have it :O haha

wonderful synth. i got rid of 2 vsts i loved just to have this baby!

i am awaiting on the download link e-mail, and tbh, i am chomping at the bit to get the full version so i can start jamming. i have to keep telling myself to be patient! haha just like a kid on christmas eve!

thanks for such a great synth, and for making it affordable. i may be a little sad that i sold a few good vsts, but it was worth it :)


the forwarded one came through ;)

thank you very much!


hmm...nothing yet