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i know your plate is full but i'm hoping/suggesting a little spot here on the site where people might upload their work on the new Aalto in "real life" scenarios (via SoundCloud?). I know when i get it, i'd like to share :) ...maybe a help in promotion to!

i posted something about Buchla on the general post and now see that you in fact are inspired by my most desired toy; the easel! i know its not an emulation but its the very next best thing and looks and sounds great in its own right.

about polyphony.. i always sort of respected LIMITS when making music. it helps to zero in on possibilities and keep focus on the art, not the gear. these days software is capable of so much and the limits are not very defined, which can be such a distraction.

so the question is: what if polyphony was clamped at something like 3 or 4 max? would that help with cpu and more importantly could it be viewed as a DESIRABLE limit? even mono is desirable for aalto but i'm not sure most people will get that. especially these days.

I hope its not a lame question.

Ambitious first entry to the softsynth universe! (i'm assuming) wonderful anyhow! i really hope it has success and am eager to see it demonstrated. as for comparisons i think maybe you struck out on your own from fabfilter and are related to Don Buchla. is there a price projection?