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I'd like to make a version of this that exported .txt file that are compatible with use in Reaktor's sine bank module.

As it is now it outputs .json files with a ton more data for use with the upcoming sumu synth.

I'd love to have a version of this that could output plain .txt file where the first frame is 64/128/256/512 harmonics.

How hard would it be to alter this software to say, note C1 @ 44.1khz (or any other note) and have it slice to single cycle waveform sizes and output a 64/128/256/512 harmonic value map of each wave cycle to quickly create harmonic wavetable data that is compatible with reaktor?

Ideally it would output all this data as a single file.

How hard is it to alter or update something like this?

I've never written code before so I have no idea how to do this, but I would love to have this power applied to my personal projects.

Thanks for open sourcing this so that I've got a chance to pull this off.

Is there a way to export the harmonic data as a standard .txt file for use in Reaktor?

I'd like to analyze the sound and then export a .txt file where it was just plain amplitude data and nothing else, like the first 64 values are the first frame of harmonic data, and the second 64 numbers are the second frame of harmonic data, so I could process sounds for use with the sine bank module in Reaktor.

I Realize that this is open source, but I don't know how to write code.