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Hi Randy and Alino

The issue with Kaivo is exactly same that I reported thread:

Apple silicon M1 OSX 12.6.3
Ableton Live 11.2.7
Kaivo and Aalto 1.9.5

I tried to narrow it down and found out, that at least on me, this is related to Kaivo's GUI stealing the computer's keyboard focus, when I click any of the Kaivo's GUI controls by mouse. This causes the Ableton Live's computer MIDI keyboard (keys A,W,S,E,D,F,...) keypresses not being recognised anymore. Same happens with Aalto as well.

So, when you play notes either from MIDI clip or by MIDI keyboard, this issue doesn't occur. And just clicking the Ableton Live's window behind the Kaivo GUI recovers the keyboard focus back to Live's computer MIDI keyboard..

But as it's sometimes comfortable just to sit on the living room's couch or outdoors only having the laptop, it'd be great to have Aalto and Kaivo behaving well with Live's computer MIDI keyboard. I noticed that some other vendor's plugins have exactly the same issue, whereas some plugins work flawlessly and don't steal the focus. It's possible that Ableton has also made some changes, but I cannot be sure, because I haven't paid attention to it.

Hi Randy,

just got both Aalto and Kaivo in my hands and these seem to be indeed awesome instruments.

Aalto seems to work flawlessly, but with Kaivo I have a quite similar issue as described above. When I change preset from the default, or change randomly either Resonator model or Body model, the sound disappears. I.e. no activity in the output's oscilloscope. If I disable the plugin in Live and enable it again, sometimes the plugin recovers and sound returns with the selected resonator or body model. But in the current state Kaivo is unusable for me, so please check it along the Virta.

I have MBP M1 running Monterey 12.6.1, Ableton Live 11.2.6 and tried Kaivo version 1.9.5 in both AU and VST formats with the same results.

I'm ready to help with this by running debug versions, etc, if needed.