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I´m on High Sierra too, and it works for me as a VST3(MacBook Pro Retina 2014).
After a few resizing, i couldn't access the menus.
And it would be helpful, to have the ability to deactivate the LFO(yes, I can set the parameter to 0, but this is a step more).
Really liked the scrolling through presets.
Perhaps I should have bought this in last sale!

What is your opinion about Clap, which is now developed to solve the problems with steinbergs vst development...

oh, sorry it is(that is strange, whenever i copied that in, afterwards it added "amp;" after &),
same that is really annoying! So last part should be: + "&" + t=574861
or use the upper link and delete the "amp;" part.

So every time, after hitting reply, it adds a "amp;" after "&"