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This is the least I can offer back to the developer, for such a fine device as Aalto. I am no designer by trade, and this is perhaps not as well-structured as it could be. I make similar ref sheets for myself from time-to-time to help me become more intimate w/ an instrument or piece of software (during design). This was designed in GIMP open-source image editing software at resolution 1280x800 (my laptop res) 72dpi on PC. This is in GIF format to keep size down 186kb for desktop usage. I hope it helps you during sound design.

PS. It is BASED on the very nice official manual, yet there are many occasions where I use my own translations to describe a feature. DO also read the manual if you haven't done so. It is a great read w/ lots of tips. I tried to ref those tips where I could on the sheet. Remember, this is -primarily- for personal use.

Hi, I just printed out a copy for myself. What a GREAT idea! Thanks so much for sharing your excellent reference with all of us. It will be a great aid in learning the ins and outs of Aalto. Cheers from NY! Tom Bitondo

You are welcome, tombitondo! Good idea to print it out. I tried to use a good font style for such, in case. I do hope it helps quickly bridge the gap between idea and execution. These kind of sheets really help me and that is why I make them. Cheers