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Hi Randy,

Some parameters are really slow to inc/dec with mouse wheel, no pb with the previous version :

Filter Cut Off
Low, High, Band
Peak Freq
Peak Gain
Seq Rate
Env 1 > all
Env 2 > all
Many of the input dials

Mac 10.5.8
Live 8.2.2
Aalto 1.2.6

Hope you can do something.



The mousewheel code has been hard to get just right on both platforms. So I'm still fiddling with it. I have the same problem that you do now, with my Apple magic mouse, so I'll have another go for the next version-- thanks for your patience.

EDIT: Randy sorted me out, thanks!

Should I have an email with my licensed version of 1.2.6? I cannot find info on the current version, or where to download it. Thanks!