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Version 1.2.6 of Aalto is done and updates will be going out tonight. If you're a licensed user, just follow the links in the email, coming soon, to download your software!

Demo versions are available now for Mac and Windows:

Aalto 1.2.6 Mac [10Mb .zip]

Aalto 1.2.6 Win [3Mb .zip]

Changes in version 1.2.6:

improved performance!

optimized patch loading

fixed Logic dropouts, improved Logic CPU spikes

fixed Live 7 UI hangs

fixed Sonar crash

fixed Maschine scan crash

fixed multislider parameter behavior

added debug diagnostics

smaller executable

As always until v.2, this update is free for registered users.

Great Success!

This is very much appreciated here, Randy. Aalto is an endless supply of wows and whoas. Good day ladies and gentlemen-

Great update! Performance improvement in Windows VST are night and day. Four voice patches down from 85%+ to 60% on my machine. Thanks for your hard work Randy!

have you send all of them yet or is it still "in progress"..? cause i don't receive any mail from you..

please email support at madronalabs and I'll get you sorted out!

ok, mail send