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I am very happy to announce that the manual for our favorite synthesizer, "Making and organizing sounds with Aalto," is now finished and available. You can download it here:
[4Mb PDF]

I am very happy with the way this document came out, and I hope it adds to the richness of your experience with Aalto, helps you understand what you're doing, helps you make cool sounds. Thanks are due to George Cochrane for jump-starting the writing in his inimitable style, and to David Chandler for the amazing Cascadian-style illustrations.


Nice work, funny pics and good explanations.
Oscillometric Patch bank for Aalto

Randy, George, and David you have really done it. This manual is special for a myriad of reasons. Aalto is something special and eternal. This manual is the perfect companion for such a wonderful tool, instrument, and learning Experience. We shall expect the same with the purpose of Madrona Labs with the release of Soundplane A. Along with everything outside, inside, and in between. Thank you for Executing. You all inspire me.

Clifton Develle Cameron

  1. You could sell that excellent user manual for $99 and throw in Aalto for free with every purchase.

  2. Somehow I get the feeling the "secret lair" is no joke.

  3. Nor is the Zapp cover band!

  4. The cover illustration patch-cord wave is absolutely gorgeous, and I would be proud to wear it on a hooded sweatshirt or something. Just sayin'.

  5. Thank you, again, sincerely.

You're welcome! Great idea on the T-shirt.

Thank you!

It's written with a different voice and scope, but In terms of being a manual that's first and foremost a good read this is up there with Howard Scarr'sa<a href="
">Programming Analogue Synths
for the Virus. (hope the linky works)

"The cover illustration patch-cord wave is absolutely gorgeous, and I would be proud to wear it"

Heck yeah! I'd buy a t-shirt. I dunno if cafe press is still good (or if it ever was). Aalto blue :) with pink or multi colored patch cables would look pretty swell, I think. I'd also dig that image as a desktop background.

Bongo-noid and the illustration on page 58 (I see a seagull and a duck) are also particularly inspired. The illustrations have very much driven the point home that Aalto is rather conductive to turning mental imagery into patches... usually I work backward. It's a cool new avenue for me to explore.

"cease to resist, giving my goodbye
drive my car into the ocean
you'll think I'm dead, but I sail away
on a wave of modulation."

Apologies to frank black. :)

Excellent news!

I printed it as a booklet and can't wait to bind it and have a thorough read!

Thanks for making this tool!

Hi Randy!

I also logged in since I thought the cover image of the Manual was stunningly beautiful. And then I found this thread where the t-shirt is already discussed!

I would love to wear a T-shirt like that!

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