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Hey all, I have a few question about the Soundplane.

1) For OSC-ready plugins (like Kaivo), my understanding is that Soundplane would "bypass" the DAW and connect directly with them, meaning that once the Soundplane client is launched you simply start playing and the plugin responds, except you can't record OSC in your DAW of course, so you have to create an internal routing to record the plugin's output to audio, correct?

2) Is it the same thing with MPE? Can I just connect Soundplane to, say, Pigments and play as if it were a OSC plugin?

3) Is there a software solution that will allow me to output Soundplane data to control voltage with a DC-coupled audio interface? I currently use Reaktor's MIDI to CV block to control my eurorack with a standard MIDI keyboard.

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Hi, thanks for posting.

You have the right idea about OSC. As far as I know there's nothing really that records it so you just record the audio.

MPE is just MIDI, so any DAW should be able to record it and play it live. If a plugin / synth supports MPE, you can play with all the multi-dimensional control a Soundplane can offer.

I wish I were more up on the Soundplane -> CV possibilties. If the Reaktor thing you are using does MPE that should work. Also you could just get something like a Polyend Poly and send it MPE MIDI over a USB cable.

Thanks for clarifying everything, Randy!

For #3, you could look at VCV Rack and the trowaSoft OSCcv modules for OSC or the moDllz or Ahornberg modules for MPE. Since there are (sadly) not that many Soundplanes I don't know if anyone's worked with them in particular but the VCV forum is a pretty helpful place.

That gets you software CV. Sounds like you've already got a DC-coupled out; if anyone else is interested, I can vouch for the Expert Sleepers ES-9, which works very well with Rack. (By the way, and unsurprisingly, Rack has great built-in options for conventional MIDI->CV--you may find it an interesting alternative to your existing Reaktor workflow).

Helpful ideas, thank you!

I haven't used it in a long time but Silent Way from Expert Sleepers comes with a Soundplane module to output CV via any audio interface that's DC coupled.