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Anyone knows why can't i open the Allto vst format in the new max 8?


are you running on apple silicon?

if so the issue is, Max is now a universal binary... so will run natively by default.
Aalto VST is currently only Intel, so it won't open.

however, Audio Units (AU) will open since macOS bridges (intel binary -> native) them.

so your choices are : (currently)

a) use Audio Unit

b) make Max run under Rosetta
get info on binary, and "open in Rosetta"

Randy has said he was working on universal builds

not sure, if he plans to release these for existing plugins , or only new plugins....

I hope existing plugins as well, since Apple WILL at some point axe Rosetta (they have done this in the past with PPC -> Intel) , so that would stop any Intel plugins working at that point.

thanks so much thetechnobear

I'll add ARM support for all the plugins over the coming year.