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Hi, I've just bought Aaltoverb to complete my Madrona collection. It's installed in the same location as Aalto, Kaivo etc but doesn't show in the plugin list in Ableton 9 Suit.

Weirdly it shows and works fine in Cakewalk, just ableton.

Anyone any ideas? I've tried

  • rescanning the folder
  • Installing Aaltoverb to another location and point ableton's plugin folder there.

very odd

Aaltoverb is a VST3 plugin, not VST2. Unfortunately I don't think Ableton made the decision to support VST3 in Live 9. You could try upgrading your Live 9 to the latest, or try a demo of Live 10 to see if this is indeed the problem, and then decide whether to upgrade later.

Ah ok, thanks for clarifying :: shakes fist at Ableton::

If that means you're not able to use it at all and you want a refund, please send me an email.

Thanks Randy that's very kind but I'm ok I can use it elsewhere